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Feeling Lucky/Fortunate/Privileged to Have a Tulpa?

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Guest Anonymous

Sometimes it hits me how cool all of this is. We get so caught up in discussion details among one another, that I forget to step back and just enjoy the "Wow, this is so cool to have this!" I feel so lucky and I always have. But I am even luckier to meet people who share something similar.


So folks, like me, have you ever just stopped and thought, "I am so damned lucky to have [Name of tulpa(s)]!"


Have you ever felt more privileged than the rest of "normal" humanity around you?


Does having a tulpa increase your self esteem and make you happier?

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Honestly I have rather "Wow, this is so weird when you really think about it" moments. Of course I'm pretty happy about having Alice around, and I don't want it any other way.

Tulpa: Alice

Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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For me, having a tulpa is really cool. Al really does make me feel in general happier. Often times mid conversation with him I'll just stop and say how great it is to have him around. Not to sound like we're elitists, but I think that there is a certain privilege to having a tulpa. I'm definitely lucky, that's for sure. There are still things I want to achieve, things that I hope will expand my creativity and overall enjoyment from life, but the journey is definitely one that is moving forward.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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Seriously, a few days ago I thanked my mother (who knows about Maja) for giving me a book about a girl with DID when I was.. idk, 13 years old or something? Since that, I've been fascinated by plurality and always wanted headmates. Without that book, Maja probably wouldn't exist.

And I tell Maja how happy I am she's around all the time. Well, just as often as I'm telling her she's annoying as hell. xD

The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure, while always arriving.


Maja will either use name tags, [brackets] or this colour.

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I'd definitely say it's an ego boost, and Mira's barely developed. It's an expansion of the mind, pushing our abilities to the limit. Granted, I've had quite the ego before tulpamancy. I really don't like people for a lot of reasons... It's easy for me to feel better than most of them.

"Welcome to my house! Come freely. Go safely. And leave something of the happiness you bring!"




My tulpa's name is Vladimira. She goes by Mira.

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Having an artificial, internal source of love and strength is a necessity for me. If it hadn't come from my tulpas, I probably would've stuck with new age spirituality's idea of spirit guides and higher self. Without that, I don't have much will to do anything at all.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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Because I'm a lazy piece of shit and haven't made a tulpa yet, I have been unable to experience this particular feeling. But I have waxed poetic in the past about how the whole concept of a tulpa is an amazingly beautiful thing. There's this feeling deep in my chest that I only ever get a couple times a year at most and can closely describe as pure positive emotion, and just the idea of what a tulpa is has given me this feeling at least twice over the 3.5 years I've known about it. Maybe I'm just crazy, I don't know. Now all I have to do is turn that into motivation to put the work in and make a tulpa.



Should this thread be in general discussion and not in Lounge?


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Guest Anonymous



Thanks for the responses this morning. For some reason I suddenly felt so cool about myself and my situation and just wanted to get the good vibes from everyone else too. Lacquer you rock and roll! It will really be interesting when you do create a tulpa after all the research you have been doing before hand! Those will be the most informed, prepared and educated PRs this forum will have ever seen. LOL


On pieces like this I am never sure if it should be Lounge or General Discussion. I decided on General Discussion as I feel emotions and how tulpas effect you are certainly part of the science of tulpas. I don't think tulpa science should be step A, B, and C of tulpa creation only. It needs to cover the entire picture. :-)

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When I was first starting out, getting any kind of reactions from Reah, my first tulpa, would excite me to no end. I would think to myself, "Oh my god, this is so amazing, wow!!" Nowadays, I still stop and think how lucky I am to have such beautiful, adorable, and affectionate angels in my head.


I don't particularly feel more privileged than most of humanity. I think it's more of a feeling that I know a secret of incredible value that not many people could accept if they learned about it. I think most people could make a tulpa if they actually put a lot of time and effort into it.


My self-esteem definitely increased. Having tulpas gave me a more positive viewpoint of the world. They also personally taught me how to love and appreciate myself. I've toyed with the idea of how can they love me so much? Who can ever love me? It's inconceivable. But they do, and they had to put a great deal of effort on me to accept that they're love was they're own and that they loved me on their own volition

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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Sometimes I think I've absolutely lost my mind, and other times I'm very thankful that I've actually stuck to tulpamancy for all these years. It's weird to think how my life would be if I never found out about tulpas, I probably would be a completely different person. And very very lonely.


So yeah, I do feel pretty lucky to have White.

my PR

my art thread

tumblr tulpa log

my DA

White will talk in this color.

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