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What do possession and switching feel like?

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My apologies if this has already been asked, but what does it feel like to commence possession with a tulpa, and what does it feel like to switch with one?

Does it have any ... dare I say, spiritual side effects or sensations? Maybe even some loss in personality afterwards?

I am curious because Celeste and I have thought about it for a while but never actually got to it, and with the sudden occurrence of Rhea, I don't think it'll be easy for any of the four of us to do anything like it.



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Well, as a host, no there's nothing fantastic or spiritual about it.

I can only really say that the closest I've gotten to a switch is daydreaming while my tulpa moved the body around. It felt like daydreaming while moving, nothing fantastic. The only way I would know it was my tulpa in control was due to them being the one speaking and gesturing and the like. Also because my auto-pilot isn't nearly good enough to crack witty jokes.

As for possession... it feels like your body moves. You can't really tell a difference at first from your own movement in my experience. Anywho, hope that helps.

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I'm not sure about switching, but in the perspective of my host he doesn't really feel anything special during possession. There is a bit of blending between our thoughts and actions, but we're still in the early stages of it.

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To me possession feels like the body moving without you having the pre-thought or desire to move it.


Many people new to possession says that it "feels like them" which is wrong as they are looking at the wrong thing. Most people when they move the arm have the thought to move (unless it's a reflex) and then the muscles move.


When people do possession they feel their muscles moving and it feels as if they are the ones moving the muscles, which without practice will feel like you moving them. It's the lack of pre-thought that matters.


When we do possession every move feels spontaneous to me but to the tulpa in charge they have a plan but their plan is all a surprise to me. Suddenly swinging around to open the fridge and grab something while cooking for example. (Ivy gets in a rhythm cooking lol)


I used to use a Yawn as an example as it usually has little pre-thought but some people didn't like the comparison.


Also note that because of this if you are trying possession and you are trying to force yourself to stay Still, you'll never move. You have to relax but not so much as to force stillness.

At times I can force stillness and feel the muscles want to move a certain way. Allowing it then feels natural.

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I actually think Ponytail's description is closest to what we experience too. It's like going on autopilot with the body controller, but way smarter and more capable than the body controller is. Also, you can do some tricks, like have your tulpa lock you out of body control, and other things that are technically impossible. Unfortunately, these things don't have a magical feel to them, they just help you know it is actually happening from a logical perspective.


Also, my host finds it really sexy to be controlled by someone else.



(Or, I'd say, if you are trying to force stillness, relax more until you stop trying to do anything.)


There's the related concept of eclipsing. Because they feel similar, it can be extremely hard to tell apart. Usually, the difference in feel will only really be notable from the perspective of the one possessing or eclipsing.


In eclipsing, instead of relaxing to the point where you are essentially verging on sleeping, you want to relax into an extremely receptive state, where every idle thought that crosses your mind, you act on.


Do possessing and eclipsing move the body differently? Yes. Though your tulpa can tap into your muscle memory to do things like handwriting properly, there is no choice with eclipsing. Since the one being eclipsed is actually doing the movement, they are going to do all movements according to their fashion. Being in that super receptive state actually prevents them from trying anything weird with it.


In the case of possession, your tulpa will move according to your tulpa's natural rhythm and fashion. This is true no matter which set of muscle memories they tap into. This is a subtle but important clue that you are actually possessing.

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Possession feels like you are a puppet but you can still move your body.


Switching feels like you are a puppet but in a trans state. You are aware of your surroundings but your tulpa is in complete control

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Switching feels like you are a puppet but in a trans state. You are aware of your surroundings but your tulpa is in complete control


Switching feels like you're a tulpa? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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[ice] Eclipsing feels like having no will - doing whatever I was told and having my thoughts dragged to wherever Tri wanted them to be to get me to do what they wanted (my thoughts could not stray far). Possession feels like being a puppet if I am not dormant. If I am dormant, well, there really isn't much to feel since I am not thinking (I guess I would describe it as peaceful). Haven't switched with one of the tulpas yet, but have switched with some of the others, though they were blackout switches. I just blacked out and then I was back later with only a foggy memory of what happened until our separate memories got merged back together at a later date.


Being in that super receptive state actually prevents them from trying anything weird with it.


Have had more than a few contrary experiences. Tri originally learned eclipsing fully before moving on to improving possession. As they got better at eclipsing, they were able to hold me in the receptive state, in that once I entered it, it would take a lot to jar me out of it - a lot. This was something that let them do some things I would not be able to make myself do. Was a good thing actually. I gave them permission to do it. And they didn't abuse it either. Had only one mishap where I was still too aware of bodily senses and it caused a problem.

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