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Names of Merges

Piano Soul

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We don't merge, but if we did, we would use this to help determine the name.




That's fun! But we already chose Risha for Ren and Myself, and Bashie for Bear and Dashie.


[bear] our merge names were entirely unimaginative and arbitrary, but we do have fun with those two merges. Bashie and Risha went on a play date recently and it generated very fun memories. We will be doing that again.


For reference, Bashie is a twentysomething man with long hair and a swimmer's athletic body.


Risha is a very curvy, very fun loving catgirl with wavy red hair and the most amazing smile, even better than either of them separately.

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Only Cat, I, and Blue attempted merging, and only four of my attempts with Cat were successful.


Our first merge decided to call himself Aziraphale because he took on his voice, form, and partially personality of the TV show character Aziraphale from "Good Omens". Cat and I were struggling to merge and as a joke Cat thought "what would happen if we turned into Azirapale" and as we combined, ... we decided we wanted to be Aziraphale.


Our second merge decided to name himself Train. The reason why is he initially wanted to name himself something similar to "The Conductor", but we thought that would be weird to have the merge name himself after one of Cat's characters that was supposed to be a clone of me. The reason he wanted this is because he looked like that character and he wore a stereotypical striped train hat like the character. This back and forth occurred because Train had a hard time forming into one being, both into the merge and afterwards when Cat figured out how to force the merge to separate.


Our third merge decided to name himself Galaxy because Super Mario Galaxy music played in our head after he formed and decided to name himself after the music. The track was the Space Junk galaxy theme.


Our fourth merge was an attempt to turn back into Aziraphale, but the merge decided it didn't want to be associated with the first one so he decided to call himself Aziraphale II. He was more focused on helping us figure out switching than anything else.


After that, Blue expressed interest in merging, but the merge was unstable, barely formed, and exploded. If the merge stabilized, it would have been given a random name depending on what the merge would have wanted.

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff. I'm undecided on Rosalind or Rosalin, and my male name is Ronan. You can call me Roz but please don't call me Ron.

My other headmates have their own account now.


If I missed seeing your art, please PM/DM me!

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[align=justify]When our system wanted to start experimenting with merging, they figured the placeholder merge names would be our gimmicks put together: Sunsong, Starsky, stuff like that. Sunsong was the first one to merge, and thought that it sounded like Samson, so that's what he was named. He was the merge of Apollo and Radio.


I believe the second to merge was Solace, the merge of me and Apollo. I think the name just came to him/us, without much thought.


The next one was Sterling (Apollo and Indigo), the name likely came from a "words starting with S" web page, since that was going to be the theme.


The merge of myself and Indigo was named Steel, since we both enjoyed Rusty Cage, whose real name is Ben Steel, however we changed it to Serpent, also from a list of S-words.


The merge of Luxio and I was named Sabbath. This was the only merge who didn't name himself, his name was pre-determined, since we like Black Sabbath.


Science, Smoothie, and Sigil all probably also came from a list online.[/align]

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[align=justify]Daily thread #25


For those of you who have experience with merging and named your merges, what's the story behind their names?


(All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]


staric: We rarely merge but we do think of hypothetical names


Spinel&Staric: Elastic

Keep&Staric: Fanfic

Orion&Staric: Oracle

Watt&Static: Voltage


staric: As you see, most merges with me in them end in "ic" somehow. I think Elastic is the most clever because Spinel has stretchy rubber limbs.

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Ember: I idly toyed with cute merge names a bit before we ever tried merger. But Vesper was dead set against the idea.


Vesper: I don't feel that we, separately, have any right or competency to determine the names or forms of merges. Each merge should have sovereignty over their own, so long as they avoid names and forms that have already been claimed.


Ember: So each of the mergers, the first time we intentionally formed them, was posed the question, "What is your name?" None of them spent a lot of time mulling it over. They each went with the first name that spontaneously popped into their head. After the second time, we all, mergers and primes alike, started referring to the source of these names as "The Naming Fairy". So we have:


Ember + Vesper = Rachel

Ember + Iris = Selene

Vesper + Iris = Ceridwen


Ceridwen initially got very upset over the weirdness of her name. She ultimately decided to stick with it, though she is more likely to go by Ceri (pronounced like Carrie or carry).


Hmm. I knew Iris was named specifically after the Greek goddess of rainbows, but I only just noticed that both her merges have the names of goddesses as well. (Even though “Vesper” is the Roman version of the Greek god “Hesperus”, Vesper was specifically named after Vesper Lynd from the James Bond novel, not movie, “Casino Royale”.)


We only formed the complete merge for experimental purposes, to confirm or deny whether mergers are subject to the associative property -- is (A+B)+C identical to A+(B+C)? She declined to take a name, and after we confirmed the associative property, she asked not to be intentionally formed again. But we have to call her something when mentioning her, so we have:


Ember + Vesper + Iris = Rachel + Iris = Selene + Vesper = Ceridwen + Ember = Triple

I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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