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Does Drug use influence Tulpas?

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Marajuana is best tulpaforcing drug. Amphetamines are amazing too.


Also one time I took 10 tabs of acid and this is what happened:




Interesting read, I wish I could do LSD more often, but I have suicidal tendency. :/


I also can't sleep when I'm on a trip, so I don't like take high doses, I end up too tired to enjoy it. Like not sleeping for more than a day.

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As I'm drug tested regularly at work, I can't smoke to force the way I'd like to.


Personally I've found beer (many different brands and brews) has no real difference on my forcing. While different kind of liquors hinder the way I hear Bud. Vodka and gin are the worst, while whiskey and rum seem to be rather neutral like beer.


Wine has been the best. Red or white, sweet or full bodied, wine always helps me force. It seems to make Bud a real chatter box too.

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My tulpa isn't vocal yet, however, I did force while under the influence of a mild amount of psychedelic mushrooms. The only thing I can report is that, during some groovy sitar music, our minds seemed to melt together and I finally got a name out of him.


In addition, forcing was a lot more vivid, and I found myself in more of a trance-like state at points.


Would probably need a larger dosage and/or more developed tulpa for more radical results.

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I'd like to hear some more input about this from tulpae. Especially LSD where many times the host sees their tulpa disappear. I really do wonder what happens on their end. Do they simply go back to their wonderland (if they have one)? Is it scary? Do tulpae trip as well? I'm very curious to hear what this feels like on the tulpa side of things.

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I was hoping some of you more medically inclined of the users could tell me something real quick. I'm on escitalopram albeit a small dosage for depression and my doctor has once told me that it suppresses creativity. Can any of you with the science and the chemicals and shit explain this to me and tell me whether it would hinder progress with my tulpa or not? I mean I've clearly made progress while on it but I want to see what science has to say.

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