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Does Drug use influence Tulpas?

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Hey everyone,

I was searching in the forums but I couldn't find any answers to my question. 

I'm gonna start with myself. I'm using various recreational substances for fun, I do weed often, sometimes alcohol, benzos, pcp, psychedelics and all that stuff. 
I'm forcing daily since 3 weeks now, and don't take any drugs while forcing. 

What I've been wondering today though, how does drug use influence your tulpa?

Do they notice it, do they like or dislike it?

I've seen reddit posts which say they do influence them, others said they don't have any effects. That posts looked a lot like RP to me, not really serious so I'm hoping to get help here 🙂



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There is an old thread about tulpas and drugs here, but it is very outdated. I linked to page 24 where I think the best convo is, but there is more before that. The first couple pages are pretty much junk.


Also, drug discussion isn't banned here, but of course I have to give a little disclaimer, be safe, don't get yourself in trouble with the law or your workplace/school/family/etc, and don't offer to sell/buy or tell people how to buy/make illegal drugs here. 


Drug use does affect tulpas, because your tulpas also use the brain to think and process. So alter your brain, and all the people living off the hardware of your brain are affected. The effects widely vary.


I haven't found anyone who really had a miracle tulpa-forcing drug. I will say I know at least one person who only has much success with hearing his tulpa when they are tripping on acid, but he considers this a bad situation because it means most of the time he can't. 


Drugs within wonderland (i.e. not real, physical drugs) only have effects on the level of self-belief, like those "Hypnotize yourself to be high/drunk" videos you might see on YouTube. 


Past that, it's still personal preference. I wouldn't recommend introducing a young (under a year) old tulpa to drugs just because they tend to have very weak and undefined identities, and are more prone to getting disoriented when experiencing an altered state. It's a maturity thing, basically. They won't "get corrupted" or "go evil" or anything silly like that, but it's just not something you want to do. 


Tulpas are human. They're affected by drugs like anyone else. When someone isn't controlling the body, they might not feel the effect of the drug as strongly, but if the brain is affected, they're affected. 


Another quick note, I have met people who made tulpas with the intention of having the tulpa replace them because the host was addicted to drugs and they thought the tulpa would be free from their addiction. It really doesn't work like that. Don't confuse a tulpa who hasn't existed long enough to do drugs with a tulpa who is addiction-free. In this situation, after the host bailed and the tulpa started fronting, the tulpa immediately started doing drugs in the same manner as the host did. This cycle had happened more than once in their system. It's worse than pointless, it's a distraction from getting better. I don't think that's your situation at all Julz, but I wanted to mention it for anyone finding this in the future. 


In my specific situation, my tulpa dislikes the feeling of all the substances I've tried, and went to sleep/dormant until it wore off. He doesn't even like caffeine. 

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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I haven't forced while under the influence, but here's what we've tried and how mine felt just chatting while under the influence:

We haven't tried it since they were young, but my tulpas hated the feeling of LSD. It made them feel unstable and dreamy and they shouted at me to stop trying to talk to them so they could just go inactive and wait it out. 

Alcohol when the body is between tipsy and quite drunk makes them feel a bit silly and jovial, but being very drunk seems to block them out and I can't hear them very well. 

Nangs (N2O) didn't harm them in any way, but it was hard to chat to them and they mostly just waited til I was done to chat. 

MDMA usually makes me way too distracted with other meatspace humans to interact, but when I'm coming down it doesn't seem to affect them much and brings up the whole system's mood so it might be fun. 

Benzos don't affect me much and the same is true for them. 

Weed makes me feel anxious or too braindead to spend much quality time with them, so we haven't ever had a proper interaction while on it.

Caffeine and my ADHD medication don't seem to affect them much, but I do get yelled at for forcing the body to stay awake by pumping myself full of caffeine by Spice sometimes.


All of these are just our subjective experience though. It might be true for you, it might not. I want to try LSD again to see how they feel about it now that they have less identity confusion and are more stable. People used to call lsd a 'tulpa killer' and I think that affected all of our anxiety trying it together, but I know longer believe that's true.


And just so I feel a little better putting this information out here, do all of this at your own risk, be safe, don't be afraid to call an ambulance if anything goes wrong while under the influence, please don't get in trouble with law enforcement and all that. I also recommend trying any new substance with an experienced meatspace human to keep an eye on you and make sure you are safe and happy, in a good environment, staying hydrated and fed, and not overdoing it.

Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

Spice was born in 2013 and Tomoe was born in 2014.

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Disclaimer: I don't advocate the use of drugs that are illegal in your area and haven't been prescribed to you. Simply don't do it, the risks outweigh the benefits.


That being said, I have tried a few and documented their effects on both myself and my headmate. None were done during her development, and I've never been addicted to any substance other than alcohol, nor have I been diagnosed with any mental disorders (Though I do suspect myself of having depression or a minor form of ADHD). I have also never had any prescriptions, so I should be a relatively controlled variable for those who are seeking examples for documentation.


With that out of the way, here's a list of effects on both myself and my tulpa from all the substances I've tried. Here's the general format I'll be using:



General effects/quirks

Effects on communication

Effects on visualization



I tend to overthink and stress myself out more often than not, though it's entirely dependent on my environment and current circumstances in life, as there are times when it can be very pleasurable and relaxing. During my bad highs, Shade will often outright ignore the effects and ease my time. There has even been a reoccurring vision of her reaching out her hand to pull me out of the anxious pit that I fall into when I consume too much, which does often end my incoherent trains of thought. On the flip side, during pleasant highs, Shade often succumbs to the effects along with me to enjoy herself as well. It's a pleasant time. I've spoken with her about her varying resistances to the effects and her explanation is that it effects her the same regardless, but the inane amount of stress I can put myself through during bad highs causes her to sober up in order to help me. Kind of how you would sober up a to help a friend having a panic attack, however more intense as empathy is driven through the roof when you occupy the same skull.

It's very hard to communicate during the bad highs, with much gibberish tulpish and a lot of what does get across can have a warped and completely inversed meaning. The probable cause of this is my over-analyzing of absolutely everything during these panic attacks. The effect is opposite during the good highs, the added relaxation does much to help.

Visualization is interesting on this one, as during the bad highs she appears to regress back to a more primal form during the bad highs, taking on the form of a light blue glowing orb. This, accompanied with the butchered tulpish that we communicate in does dissipate once she 'pulls me out of it'.



There were a few situations in my life in which I've been addicted to alcohol, thus I'm fairly well versed in the effects that varying levels of intoxication have on my system. I respond as any normal person would, albeit I don't get violent unless threatened with violence myself, and I have a slightly above average tolerance. Shade generally appears to progress much the same as I do, though she delights in the feeling perhaps a little too much and will often try to drive me to consume more. Which I admittedly will happily oblige to. 

Communication doesn't change throughout my intoxication, unless I get blackout and then communication will predictably break down.

Visualization is admittedly more difficult to maintain focus on the more intoxicated I become, but otherwise is unaffected.


Generic uppers (cocaine, ritalin, etc)

Generally used as a go-to during parties along with alcohol, I've also taken to using them (on occasion, and lightly) to complete massive tasks in one attempt. I find they all increase my focus, mood, and motivation. While at first opposed to their use, Shade has since begun to endorse them to an extent, as her presence during use increases exponentially.

Communication during use becomes many times more effective, and a lot faster and streamlined. Intrestingly, we begin to use tulpish alongside english once we reach this heightened state.

Visualization also increases quite a lot, but we haven't practiced anything yet because we're usually focused on various tasks.


Unknown Psychoactive

I've never willingly taken psychedelics, nor will I try them again. There was a time in my life where I was hanging out with a bad crowd of people, and been unknowingly spiked with something known locally as "grim reaper". It was laced into the weed me and the group were smoking, and had an extremely profound effect on those involved. Some people claim it was DMT, others claim it was an acid bomb. I have no idea. One person fainted shortly after their hit, one person went screaming into the woods and had to be retrieved several times, one person was entirely unaffected, and two others simply had panic attacks. My experience was quite disturbing, as once I was finished coughing I'd found myself sitting quite far from where I took the hit. After that, I'd forgotten nearly all the happenings in my life before they slowly returned. The area we were in also contorted quite a bit, and on several occasions switched colors. I'd also experienced quite a few visual and audio hallucinations, though I was unbothered by them and immediately recognized them has illusory. This was also the only time I've successfully preformed imposition, I've never really practiced it otherwise as I see no practical application of it for myself and Shade shows no particular interest. I also began to experience something I've since found out is called Ego Death, but Shade helped me stop the event before any mind damaging results came from it. After the initial trip, I was left in an extremely suggestible state and agreed with everything said to me. My significant other at the time (who was sober) tried to use this side effect maliciously, however Shade saw through what I didn't and gave me commands opposite to what the other party was, thus saving me from some pretty terrible things. Once the night was over, I was left quite groggy for several days.

Communication was not possible before I remembered Shade existed, and after that it started off difficult, but gradually got easier until it returned to normal about halfway through the experience.

Visualization was completely impossible throughout the experience and for the few days afterwards when I was groggy. Although during the hallucinatory part of my experience, I effortlessly achiever imposition despite no prior practice. Shade's description of it is that it was as easy to achieve as normal visualization, however instead of appearing in my mind's eye, she appeared before my physical eyes. During the trip she exclaimed to be able to from her point of view and relay that experience back to me. Being a firm believer in science, we both know this was impossible in hindsight and have chalked it up to my brain simply remembering the area and making extremely accurate predictions.


Feel free to follow up with any questions, though I don't plan on trying any other substances other than the initial 3 listed here so this should be the extent of my research on the subject.

Your resident demons. My text will be purple, and my host's, normal.

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Some time ago I used my prescription sleeping medicine, a muscle relaxant called tizanidine, to go to sleep.


For me it makes it a little bit easier for me to fall asleep, but it also has the side effect of making me a little bit stupid. It's actually a side effect I like- I  don't have as much thought activity and everything is slowed down, so I don't get flooded with anxious thoughts as usual. Interestingly, I can also more easily block out intrusive thoughts. It's easier to sleep when my mind isn't spinning. However, this also means that I can't for the life of me think about a story idea. Not only am I really distracted by everything, I don't have a flood of thoughts to help me drive the story.


This time, I woke up and I was really curious about what would happen if I talked to Ranger. It occurred to me I never tried it before.


Apparently, Ranger seemed to not be affected by the drugs in the same way. While I was giggling and getting distracted, Ranger seemed focused and able to hold a conversation with me... well, Ranger more guided the conversation while I constantly derailed it. I remember him laughing at me at one point and asking why I was driving in a wonderland car for no reason.


The other interesting thing I noticed is I lost interest in my math project and I seemed more competent when communicating in tulpish. I also remember occasionally having a brief moment of clarity before getting a headache and feeling stupid again.


I accidentally woke up Red Gray and he was weirded out by my strange behavior. Neither I nor Ranger wanted to switch because Ranger would need to switch back out unless we want to risk waking up confused over who we are.


I think I spent a lot more time talking to Ranger that night than I normally do.

Edited by Cat_ShadowGriffin

I actually use this as a form now, but it's not my main one. I'm still not a hippo, neither is Ranger.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


Our system account

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