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Does Drug use influence Tulpas?

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Took Molly (MDMA) on new years eve. I was at a party so I didn't have a lotta time to spend with Elia probably about 10-15 minutes total while in the bathroom or smoking a cigarrete by myself. Prior to this I had taken Sassafras which was very similar but not as intense. When I was smoking I was listening to music with my eyes closed imagining Elia standing next to me. We had a conversation that went something like, "oh my god Elia I feel so great right now...you're the shit you know. Like your my favorite person in the world and you help me out so much and I love you." I don't remember exactly what she said but she's telling me that she pretty much reciprocated the feelings. Then she put her had on my shoulder and it felt more real and intense than it had ever before. After that we kinda just talked about the drug.

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I have to get a cavity filled tomorrow.


[Does anyone know if laughing gas could make him expose me? Or negatively impact me in any way?]


Laughing gas for a cavity? Man, I wish I had your dentist. Mine just loads me up with percocet after the fact, but I'm more of a nitrous man at heart.


As someone who's done probably an uncomfortable amount of nitro, I can tell you that because it's dissociative as well as euphoric, you probably won't even be in the right mental state to give anything away, or expose your tulpa, because you won't really remember it.


I've done whippets with my brain bro, and no issues. I won't write an entire book, but basically for the duration of my doing the whippets (my friend has one of those cool frosting canisters to do them from) I totally forgot he was there. Not a big issue, especially because it doesn't last long.


Since you're not doing it recreationally, I wouldn't be too worried about it at all.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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I have two Tulpas and the first (he is three month old today) hasn't an effect with drugs. Not with alcohol and also not with Marihuana.

The second one (he is one month old in a few days) gets high from Marihuana and gets very tired after it. And he gets really drunk from Alcohol. He starts dancing and giggling and it's hilarious. :D He doesn't bother with it too much and thinks it's kinda funny. But it is good, that we have on part of us, who is still clear in his thoughts. ^^

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I wonder what would happen to your tulpa if you took any of those meds that help with schizophrenia.


A reality-shattering paradox, I presume.

Host: Cam (that's me!)

Age: Keeping that disclosed.

Appearance: Keeping that disclosed, too.


Tulpa: Toree (we're still working on the name; i'm bad at names)

Age: At least 3 days old (made her a tulpa on December 3rd, 2015)

Appearance: An anthro Luxray from pokemon with red fur instead of blue. A bit on the chubby side, and also rather tall. Wears robes a lot.

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