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3 hours ago, 262vs said:

Do you guys generally use 3d or flat images as tulpa's appearance?

3D. I condsider mindspace to be 'different but the same' view of the universe.


All our visual experiences are in 3D, and you could say then that if our memories are 3D, then mindspace is 3D as well.

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Come to think of it, I am not sure whether or not I experience my mindspace  in 3D. Nor my tulpas. When they impose out in my external reality, they are in 3D, in mindspace, I think that they are, but maybe more like Bear's comment above, it is a 'different, but same' view of the universe. I am pretty clear that the scenes in mindspace are kluged together out of the brains memory cues.  Of interest, I have hired an artist to render them and her initial drawings are pretty close (N'sonowa in exactly how I have pictured her, Flora is close, but this is hard to say, because Flora looks different to me almost every time she emerges). Of note, I am planning on converting the artist's rendering in Photoshop into 3D images.  Dr. Bob

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The 3D is simulated, since there's no focus for me, as in, stereoscopic effect, then it's not the same type of 'simulated' 3D.


Off topic: Darlene, even now, has never chosen a form and stuck with it. I've drawn her multiple times and she wasn't consistant. SheShe, (who Darlene is a part of now) on the other hand, hasn't changed since she was created other than hair color from platinum to blonde. I spoke to Darlene as Darlene recently and I hardly recognized her. Everyone else is fine.

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Not at all. Just let it sink in that it's just an intrusive thought and not your tulpa.

Hello, I'm Miichu, and I'm the main fronter of this system.

The other is Miri, who's the original host and co-fronts with me.

Progress Report and my Art Thread


Waka Waka x3

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Hello Hello! 


Im having problems focusing on forcing, I keep getting distracted and my mind wanders off alot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to focus while forcing? Any songs that help? Or possibly something else?


I would love to hear suggestions, i know its different for everyone but anything helps really!


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For me it helps to remove myself from a place with lots of distractions, I find it easiest to force or spend time with tulpas in the shower or sauna, or when I'm going to sleep and have nothing else left to do. I used to force a lot while sitting in a bus as well. Again for me, background noise helps me focus for some reason, total silence would make my mind wander wherever, I'd probably just get a song stuck in my head to fill the silence. When I really need to focus on writing I listen to calm and simple music that you can find on youtube by searching "writing music" and use it as background noise, I don't see why it wouldn't help with tulpas as well. I have some difficulty staying focused on tulpas, too, and my mind wanders from one subject to another all the time, but they're pretty cool about it and we just pick up where we left off once I snap out of it.

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Progress report  Art thread  Our lounge thread

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I'm pretty new to this entire thing, and only have been doing this for about three or four days. I have made significant progress though. I have had no history of hearing voices/seeing things, besides people calling my name when they aren't and seeing figures during extreme sleep deprivation. 


Is my tulpa gone?

I can't feel her presence, and it's been this way all day. I can't tell what happened, or if I messed up. Is it possible I annoyed her?


Is sleeping more normal?

Since I've started I've been sleeping longer and more often.

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