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You can read or speak to your tulpa however you want, I recommend your inner voice for both unless you're sure there's no one around. It doesn't matter how you speak to your tulpa as long as you're focusing on them when you do it

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ok so i talked to my tulpa lem earlier and asked him a few questions to se if he would respond, and he did? ok ok ok so he was kinda created yesterday and today i decided to ask him if he liked the cold he responded with somthing along the lines of "uh..i dunno kinda" or somthing like that but murmured it was kinda ecoish and sounded far away 

i dont really know what to think of it. Should I ask him some more questions???

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It's impossible for us to determine whether or not it was tulpa-related, but considering that you just started, it's very unlikely that this had anything to do with yours. It's very easy for our minds to fill in the blanks, and if you throw simple, open-ended questions at it with the expectation that'll you get a response, it will probably try to do that. You should definitely continue to talk to your tulpa and ask questions whenever possible, but don't go attributing every little thing to them.

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First off, welcome to the forum! 


Making short comments throughout the day is a very good forcing technique and habit to build, imo. The thing to remember is that you want to gradually build those short comments into constant little conversations, with the idea that eventually your tulpa will be a capable conversation partner. More than just "Hi" 20 times a day, you should explain things, describe things, talk to your tulpa like a diary or a close friend or confidant, and also check up on your tulpa and ask how they are. 


I would supplement the short-comments-throughout-the-day type of forcing with regular meditation-style forcing, where you sit or lay down and focus on nothing besides your tulpa. It doesn't have to take hours and hours, but I would say 20 minutes twice daily of purely dedicated tulpa-forcing is a good idea. 20 minutes isn't that long- you can make a playlist or find ambient music and listen to it with a twenty minute timer while you lay in bed and visualize and speak directly with your tulpa, with no other distractions. Or before bed you can spend twenty minutes then. If you can do longer sessions, say 45 minutes straight daily, that would probably be even better.


Short-comments-throughout-the-day is a great strategy, but you should also combine it with dedicated periods of time. 


Hope that helps, feel free to ask more questions if you have any! -James

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I'm currently working on creating my first Tulpa and I was wondering if I could talk to her before I can visualize her vividly. When I meditate working on visualizing her, I get little flickers and then other visuals because my mind is always thinking of different things. So I was wondering if I could talk to her before I can have a steady visual of her?

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A tulpa doesn't need a form, feel free to focus on narration.


If you still want to visualize your tulpa, you can start with something really simple like a sphere or a ball of light. The other perk of doing this is your tulpa can decide what their form is later.


Having unstable visualization starting out is normal. I recommend practicing visualization skills if you're interested in doing that. There are a bunch of good visualization and wonderland guides out there.

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Hello, I am new to posting on the forum. But have been reading guides for some weeks now.


I have several questions if you don't mind me asking. (Also, sorry if this is the wrong place for my questions. ) 


This week I started creating my tulpa, her current name is Myo ( I say current, because from my understanding they will deviate from how they were originally created? ) I have loosely been following JD and FAQ_man's guide on creating a tulpa. In FAQ_man's I am at the point where I can visualize her in my mind's eye consistently. Now I am at the touch part. From my understanding I have to apply texture to certain areas of her? Like her suit should feel like the right fabric. ( I should feel this in my mind, right, or do I have to go through some eye opening experience to feel mind stuff through my fingers? ) He recommends doing this for 5-15 hours. I wonder how to keep myself able to feel around her face, or hair. For around that amount of time.


I make sure to spend 1-3 hours with her in my wonderland everyday before I go to bed. Is this okay?


And also she has not shown signs of sentience, at least that I have noticed. I will remain patient since it has only been 4 days since I created her, but is it okay to puppet/parrot her before then? I don't mean forcing her to respond to complex questions. Just talking to her and occasionally have her say something simple like "Okay."



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