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Thanks to both of you! I told my buddy last night to take whichever form he was more comfortable with before I "entered the mindscape" and to wait for me in a certain spot if he could. I found him not only in the second form, but also that he was waiting for me where I'd asked, with a blanket to share because it was so late and a bit chilly out. :') There were other things set around him but they were too fuzzy for me to fully make out what they were, though I got the distinct impression that one was a lantern or candle or something (again, it was nighttime and the mindscape reflected that). I'm such a sap I honestly almost cried, I must have gushed to him about how awesome it was for such a long time. Guess he was showing me that second form for a reason after all :D

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Not sure if this quite counts as double-posting since it's been a bit, but if it does, my apologies.

I'm back with another question. For the past couple of days, it seems I'll feel my tulpa's presence strongly for very short periods of time, but for the rest I'll be struggling to sense him at all. So...


Can you force 'too much' and tire a tulpa out? And if you suspect the tulpa is tired but can't confirm it, would it be best to keep the same schedule w/ active forcing, or to take a break from it? 

I've been doing roughly an hour a day of active forcing which has been my goal from the beginning, and I know some people here have forced for hours on end without issue, but I figure that tulpas are as different as people and can have different tolerances so I dunno. I've tried asking in several different ways and no response (he's not vocal yet but sometimes I get tingles etc) and I'm starting to worry I'm annoying him with all the questions or something. :/


Sorry to bother y'all. :x Just a bit worried.

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This forum is really lax on that double posting rule unlike some other forums, just don't be dumb about it and it's fine. I think it's just you that would get tired, and if you're not tired and still feel like you're making progress then everything's fine. I wouldn't say giving a tulpa too much attention is ever a bad thing (for them), personally. Oh, yeah no tulpas don't get annoyed when you're first forcing them because you interact with them too much. And some are even OK later on with having been read or talked to about boring stuff before they were vocal. But some are like, MAN I really didn't care about cars but my host kept talking about cars! ugh. But I mean if your tulpa doesn't seem to be showing signs of being annoyed then they're probably fine with whatever you're doing. Also not like they can blame you when you couldn't know anyways.

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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Please talk to me https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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It's better to do as much as possible. When they are able to tell you they will.


I got tired of Vamps topics and I told him when I was vocal.

"...the last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements,

because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.”

   - Terry Pratchett


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Can you force 'too much' and tire a tulpa out? And if you suspect the tulpa is tired but can't confirm it, would it be best to keep the same schedule w/ active forcing, or to take a break from it? 

Yes, totally possible. I liken it to exercise. Active forcing is like strength training. You are only supposed to do it for a short amount of time. Passive forcing is like endurance training. You are supposed to do it much longer. In either case, you will feel tired afterward, and not really be up for doing much. But after you sleep, the benefits of training will be felt the next day. You will be stronger and have more energy.


We passive force all day long. Near the end of the day, we both feel weak and not really there, and can't think as clearly. But in the morning, I can usually surprise her with my new found strength and independence.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Phew, finally got through all 36 pages. Beginner questions will be scrolling before my eyes in my dreams. 


I considered posting this in beginner questions, but I actually would like to address the community at large. Feel free to move if it's inappropriately placed.


Here are some things I'm curious about:


It's normal for us to internalize the voices of people who have influenced our lives. For example, I hear my mom's voice telling me not to leave my shoes in the middle of the floor because someone will trip over them, and I hear my illustration professor critiquing my linework whenever I draw.* Just like that trope in tv shows when someone's flashing back to what other characters have said to them and those characters' faces appear over their head in a thought bubble. So it seems like it would be reasonable for these voices to influence the creation of your tulpa.


With that in mind, has anyone created a tulpa based on someone they've known in real life? What about someone they love who's died?


Do your tulpas ever speak in the voice of your parents or teachers or friends, or interact with those voices? In your wonderland, do you encounter people from your memories? Is there ever a thought process like "I want to design this person to be my mom figure while my mom isn't here?" Or if you have a bad mom, you could create a good mom to be your headmate and give you the nurturing you need.


I suppose I'm curious about your experiences 



* To clarify, I don't "hear" them with the seeming reality of a hallucination, but a vivid memory of their words and tone of voice plays in my head.

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Hello, hello, beginner here! I'm very interested in the concept of tulpas, and I'd very much like to make one. However, I just read a disconcerting personal experience/horror story about a tulpa, and I feel discouraged upon reading it...the tulpa didn't hurt the person in the story but more like haunted them, followed them around, and generally freaked the host out. My tulpa won't do stuff like that, right?

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You don't plan on abandoning him, right? In all seriousness, unless you make one fully then choose to ignore it, its very much impossible. And even with the above mentioned, I have only heard of that happening in a creepypasta, I know of no true accounts of that happening, so you should be fine.

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Tulpas are far more likely to do scary things to a person, like haunt them, if that is scary to you? Most tulpamancers would love that, I think, if the tulpamancer deep down wants the scary thing to happen.


The second most likely cause of a scary tulpa is a confused tulpa. One who has been feeding off the fears and misconceptions of the tulpamancer. The general rule of thumb is that a young tulpa will believe whatever the tulpamancer believes, including anything the tulpamancer believes about what the tulpa is, or is supposed to do. The tulpamancer is the only authority figure in the life of a young tulpa.


The third most likely cause of a scary tulpa is an abused tulpa. The most common form of tulpa abuse is neglect. Unfortunately, neglect tends to leave the tulpa weak and impotent. Other forms of abuse may leave the tulpa free to seek revenge. But this is really unlikely for a variety of reasons. Primarily, tulpas usually have an irrational degree of love for their hosts.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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