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Issues with the dark theme


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As you know, the dark theme has been broken for a little while.  We fixed it the best we could, but it still has glitches on mobile.  When we first moved to Invision Community, the original plan was to just clone the "light" theme with a dark version of it, but when that looked too complicated to solve, we opted for buying a premium theme from a well-known author in the Invision Community marketplace to be our dark theme.  That has worked until one of the previous upgrades.  I wasn't too concerned because this author has been diligent in providing fixes quickly, but the fixes never came.

When I tried speaking with him about it, he told me that the datacenter where he had his development stuff burned down , he didn't have backups, and he needed more time to recover everything.  In the end, we never got that update.

Now we have a new upgrade coming, and we're back to the same problem we had with MyBB: this third party theme is probably going to break.  Invision Community has recently released a dark theme for their admin console, but everyone is still waiting for an official dark theme for the forums.  I'm hearing that the newer version of Invision apparently has a foundation for better making dark themes from the official theme, I'm assuming that they're just putting down the foundation to an official dark theme in an upcoming release.


So what now?

I canceled my subscription to the dark theme that we have.  That subscription expires in 2 days.  Not like he's providing any upgrades anyway, the dark theme is now two versions behind the main branch.

In the short term, I'm going to try and clone the light theme and just do a palette swap with the current dark theme’s colors.  If that works, it should "survive" updates because I'm not doing anything but tie color information to the default templates using the drag and drop theme builder.  In case I suck a making a theme, I'll try and keep the current dark theme working and fix broken stuff as much as I can during updates (unfortunately since it was added using Invision’s package manager, I will have to destroy the entire team and re-import it as a new theme if I want to make changes, losing all current theme customization settings; a reason I was hoping the author would fix it). If nobody is too upset about my attempt at the dark theme, then I may just let it lay.

 If / when Invision Community comes out with an official dark theme, I'm going to retire the current one and we can just use that.


In a perfect world the tulpa community forums would be 100% vanilla; obviously, that is not going to be the case since some things are just not going to be built in (e.g. Post As) but I am always trying to look towards future proofing. At the moment we only have about six plug-ins as opposed to the 26 that MyBb had so I think we’re doing okay with that at least. If only we could get the system theme with dark mode…

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I'm fine with a custom pallet swap. At least if things break we won't have to wait long to fix them

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We don't care about this specific dark theme at all. Any theme dark enough it doesn't hurt our eyes to look at in the dark is fine, be it a grayish-blue theme or a black palette swapped white one. But yeah, definitely find one that's actually supported.

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I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

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[Keatan] Some of the tool buttons in the text editor on the right hand side are mixed up or just wrong on Dark theme. I pressed the bullet point button and it yeeted my cursor to the right because I actually hit the align right button. The actual buttons line up with the light theme ribbon.




If you want to know what's what, you have to hover over the button and it will tell you what it actually does.


I hate this

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I normally prefer to use a dark theme wherever possible, but I found that this forum's dark theme makes it difficult to see which threads have new posts and which don't, so switched back to default light theme.

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