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New tulpomancer here

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Guest Anonymous

Just for clarification, I'm going to definitely work towards creating a tulpa, I was just trying to get across is that I wouldn't be particularly disappointed if I make zero progress.


I started out forcing by telling my tulpa how I wanted her to behave, what her personality was supposed to be like, and have decided to let her name herself. Good idea, or bad?

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I started out forcing by telling my tulpa how I wanted her to behave, what her personality was supposed to be like, and have decided to let her name herself. Good idea, or bad?


Sounds fine. Just a quick tip:


Only things I can point out that would be bad are listening to other people and doing what they recommend. I think tulpaforcing is unique in the sense that there really isn't any way to do it wrongly.


People will tell you that this is bad and you need to do this first and that you should always remember to do this... but they are all wrong. Of course there are SOME things you must not and should do, like you shouldn't give up on your tulpa (for whatever reason) and you should give them attention as much as you can. But otherwise, you can do it your way.



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  • Ignore the creation guides, especially FAQ_Man's; those are outdated and contain some bad advice. (see this post in my blog for details and why it's bad advice)
  • Don't count hours or expect any part of the process to take a given number of hours. It happens when it happens.
  • Assume sentience from the start and treat her like a person. Everything else is optional.
  • Don't worry about parroting/puppeting. Actually forcing your tulpa to do something feels quite different from what feels like accidental puppeting (and is NOT). Often early responses from a tulpa feel like you're just imagining them doing or saying things. Worrying about parroting/puppeting will only result in you forcing her to be still and silent. Even if you do accidentally create a servitor, that can easily become a tulpa.
  • Imposing from the start should help. Just imagine her following behind you all day, not expecting to actually see anything yet. This also trains you to keep her in mind at all times, which greatly speeds growth. (This is not puppeting, per se. You're basically suggesting that she move a certain way, and she *will* because she isn't yet "with it" enough to question what you suggest. As she grows, she'll sometimes do something else from what you tried to imagine. If this happens, accept it. Don't just "imagine harder" to force her to do what you want -- THIS is puppeting and may annoy and slightly hinder her.) [TIP: Take her for walks, or just as you go about your day, and talk to her while imagining her following you, either out loud or in your head.]
  • Don't treat her like a ragdoll. This follows from "treat her like a person", but I mention it separately because I did it for a while before I thought my tulpa was capable of moving on her own. This hurts progress. She eventually got mad, kicked me out of my wonderland and ran away.
  • If her presence seems to fade, don't panic. She isn't dying. Let her rest and give her plenty of attention. Recall the things you love about her, which will help you get a feel for her personality again. They sometimes seem to regress or fade like this for a few days to a week, coming up to a leap forward.
  • Most importantly, do what feels right to you at each point along the way. Find what works for you.

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Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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