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What does your wonderland look like?

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I was looking for a thread about different tulpa systems wonderlands but I couldn't find any.So, host and tulpas what does your wonderland look like? Give me details or an image of it : )


I'll go first.my wonderland is a small town in the fall with sometimes warm and sometimes cold weather.There's a sunset 24/7 because me and my tulpa love sunsets.


Host/player88 (she/her)normal text

Ghost - (she/her) (tulpa)

Friend the sheep - (he/him) (soulbond/tulpa)

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You can experience it yourself here.

Ignore that thumbnail though till after.


Also, it looks insanely long now that none of the hidden tags work, but if you want detail, you got it.

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Haa, that brings back memories...

One day I'll publish a complete illustrated version of the VPT. Not of my wonderland ofc.

Host actually created a similar exercise of our place but at some point I decided it's no one's business and 'visitors' or other illegal immigrants will be terminated with extreme prejudice. So nope.

Super Girls don't cry

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Mine is a Japanese style hot spring spa owned by my tulpa River (a light blue Chinese dragon), located up the mountains, with both Chinese and Japanese influences in its architecture, and the buildings made of a dark stained and treated wood.  The main building is L shaped, surrounding the hot spring baths on the south and east sides, with the back of the building open and supported by columns.  In the center are two spring-fed pools,  one hot and one cold, and together forming a shape resembling a yin and yang.  The main entrance is on the south wall,  and immediately to the left upon entering is a sushi bar and teahouse with several tables with Korean style barbecue pits situated in front of the bar too, run by another of my tulpas, a Japanese dragon named Kai.  The east wing of the building has a massage parlor and a steam sauna.  And on the west side, in a separate building, is a lodge with rooms for anyone wishing to stay overnight.

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We have a kinda complicated one!

You spawn in a void with a white doorway leading from the front, and there’s 4 others- one to Rena’s area, one to mine, one to our playroom (object spawning etc) and one to our main “wonderland” which is a village with a giant tree in the middle and a pond at one end. That’s important because the tree is actually my treehouse, with each of the giant branches being a room. The pond belongs to Rena, and she has these giant connected bubbles underwater that are filled with pillows and other ordinary household stuff. 

Mint. Host. She/her

Rena. Tulpa. She/her

We have OCD and ADHD (diagnosed)

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