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So... why exactly are tulpas so popular with Bronies?

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Have we had this thread before? It seems like it anyways.


Tulpas aren't popular with bronies, only a small fraction of bronies that are regulars of /mlp/ are.

My Tulpa

And then it cuts to a scene where you're sitting in a padded cell.


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We're wierdos (in society's eyes) to start with. I personally have to thank /mlp/ for discovering tulpas, which from that I also speculate that most tulpamancers are also 4channers.


Plus, ... just, ... ponies ..., why not, y'know?

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You kinda have to wonder, don't you? I myself only heard of this phenomenon by browsing /jp/. Theoretically it could have been any other fandom. Let's be honest here, every big internet-fandom consists to a very big part of lonely people. Now you may argue that the show it's based on has a big focus on the concept of companionship but it's hardly the only popular piece of media that does that.


So... why wasn't it Homestuck, Star Trek or any other big fandom?

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Because /x/ is scared of tuppers.

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