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Wonderland...related stuff I guess.


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Thanks guys!

Name: Blue Bolt

Form: Cutie Pony

Sentience: Yes

Working on: Imposition


Name: Princess Ayamiss

Form: Changling (mlp)

Sentience: Yes

Working on: Imposition

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Guest Jaxas

Wow, I figured I was one of the few people with this problem.


Whenever I try to move somewhere, I tend to just teleport there myself, and I'm still working on fixing that. I'm normally pretty good at staying in first person (though I have to try to stay sometimes) but I generally get a sense that I'm in a video game (which is weird, as I don't play many First Person games).


Anyways, onto tips for the topic at hand:

I've found it's much easier to move if you consciously think about every step of the way, but mostly it helps if you focus almost completely on *how* you're getting to wherever you're going, rather than *where* you're trying to get. At least for me anyways.

As in, I want to walk to the other side of the room. If I catch myself in time, I can stop myself teleporting, and then I try to focus on what everything in the room looks like around me from each different position; I also try to focus on what my muscles feel like when walking, my arms pushing through the air, etc. I've found that the more common things you never really think about that you can add, the more open to the wonderland your brain is.

Take this with a grain of salt though, as I'm just starting myself (I'm practicing visualization, and will be starting on my tulpa this weekend)



...I swear my thoughts are normally more coherent than that...

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Sometimes I find myself teleporting as well.


Whenever this happens I stop, go back to where I started, and think out each physical motion to *how* I would get there.


For example, whenever I start off in my wonderland I am on a park bench. Mortimer was trying to lead me somewhere, but I just waited and teleported to follow him. I caught myself and went back to the bench, stood up, and took each individual step until I reached my location. It's a bit annoying at first, but it makes the wonderland seem that much more real to me.

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