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Fighting your Tulpa (for fun)

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I had to defib, was cool. She was alright with it and we don't care


I'm pretty sure what Koomer said was a joke.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Is anyone able to do this without things taking a turn for the lewd?

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I made a dojo of sorts then got wrestled into oblivion by my ponies. Yay

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Eh, I sparred with my tulpae sometimes, but I would usually do the sword to the neck (stopping at the neck and saying I win) or a pinning move. Not sure how a fight where I try to cut them into pieces would turn out... Or beating them to a pulp... Eh, I'll have to find a better way of doing this.

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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I made a dojo of sorts then got wrestled into oblivion by my ponies. Yay


This i got to see. someone should draw a picture of a grown muscular man being wrestled down by cute ponies

pix: Link

Diary: http://ponystasha.tumblr.com


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Tungan Ninja


This i got to see.

Here you go

Day 290 (11/6/2013) Why even keep the time anymore?

Can the cryogenically frozen live again?

The first step in creating a tulpa is believing that it exists.

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Because I can do a whole buch of shit I cant normally do in irl I fight with my Tulpae all the time

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I fought my tulpa... Well she fought me, I didn't want to hurt her so I just played defensive and never struck back.

~Remember the dead, but fight for the living.

~La rage du peuple

~Ice cream is a feeling



Name: Frostia

Form: Light and dark blue pony, white hair, styled in MLP:FiM fashion



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Since we've done this quite a lot, I've decided that we might as well have another fight right now.


right. Here's how it goes, can't remember it all though :3


"let's spar"



I summoned a sword with my white colored psychic energy (in the wonderland) while chloe summoned a glaive with her black colored psychic energy.

*note: white can teleport easily, but the energy is brittle and breaks like glass. But direct contact = vaporization to the effected area. Black can teleport only a little, but it absorbs everything in it's path.


I teleported behind her, executed a vertical chop. She moved sideways and swung her glaive at me aiming for my neck. I ducked, flipped backwards and wait for her to attack. Chloe charged at me attempting to impale me with her glaive. I spun to the side, slashing her neck. She lift up Glaive and stop my sword right in it's path. She proceeds to spin her glaive, driving my sword to the ground while giving a round house right into my face. She then chops me diagonally but I teleported behind her in time. As I slashes at her horizontally (or was it a vertical chop?) she hurled herself away from me using her glaive as a lever.


We paused for a moment.


I teleported again, but this time I reappeared in front of her. Caught unexpected, I executed a shoryuken-like sword slashes. Though my sword didn't go through her black psychic shield. The impact threw her into the air. I followed with three slashes, all of which were blocked by her glaive. I grabbed her and drive both of us into the ground (The Izuna Drop). I jumped off right before I hit the ground just to see that Chloe have teleported away by a few feet, breaking the fall.


"I've seen that moves in ninja gaiden countless time, won't work on me"

"I thought you weren't sentient yet?"

"I remembered seeing you play the game."


Chloe then cloaked herself completely with her black psychic energy. She throw away her glaive and gave herself a dark claws instead as she charged at me at the speed of a bullet train. Her claws missed my head by an inches as I rolled under the path of her claws. I threw my sword into the sky which exploded into countless white orb. My sister saw what I did, and before she could react, I turned 10 of the orb into a laser beam all shooting at her from all direction. Chloe dodged, barely, as I command the next dozen of orb to shoot at her creating another batch of orbs (1 orb, 1 beam, it's single use). I created some gap between me and Chloe as she dodged laser beams gracefully until she had enough and slams on the ground creating shockwaves that destroyed my orbs in the blast proximity. The wave propels her into the sky and she convert her "black suit" into a whip that she swung around shattering the rest of my white orb. Chloe land on the ground and turn her whip back into her suit, but she didn't realized that I did not send the last group of my orb out. I turned the rest of my white orb into a sword, teleported, and slashes her torso in half diagonally.


"Why didn't you dodge sis?"

"Nah, it's too fast."


Yeah, that's pretty much how it usually goes. I forgot certain part though, she did threw something at me but somewhere in the middle of the fight but whatever.

Chloe - That cheerful girl with ponytail.

Aigis - The male cyborg that looks like raiden in MGR.

Vixen - Half dragon female who looks like Mary in DMC3 when in human form.

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