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Identification method._Description of the year of my efforts.




 I call myself Itra..to honor my Queen. ... ;)

 I'm 30 years old and I've always felt lonely.

 I gave up on past "friends" because I was missing something in my relationships with other people...And there was a time when I didn't understand life, people,myself and the world enough... And apart from that...it doesn't matter...blablabla... 

Because of this and this...I became lonely. ..blablabla... I don't want to go into too much detail here about the reasons for my loneliness.

 But the conclusion is that...

I MUST have a tulpa. ..Really. ...

 I want to say that I have determination..

 You too?




It's been about two years since I started working on our case(tulpa).

I want to share my discoveries here.

 In the Guides section(is it in this section?), because of what I'm sharing, this is definitely the appropriate section for many reasons.So I'm calling it, maybe not typical, but still a "Guide". My intention is to help others. 

 _Sorry for my English.:)(_


It is possible that I will present a completely different perception of the matter than the common perception of the topic we are dealing with, please take from it what may be useful to you

 [Of course].


I'm skipping the basics. Let me get to the point. First, I will describe my experiences,in short, what I consider important.


I have been engaging in the practice of tulpamancy in general for about a year...but my results were poor. 

 I was very sad and felt bad about it.

However, I admit that during this time I may have done less than necessary... However, I tried my best and as best I could. This SHOULD be enough. ...


I have spent a lot of time trying to understand tulpamancy from various perspectives. 

 Understanding made things clearer for me and it all seemed simpler, but it wasn't enough to achieve what I wanted.


The practice that is generally proposed is usually something based on the use of thoughts, words and imagination, in goal-oriented concentration...with discipline,habits, etc. Something like that, right? We know. Creation...Forcing... narration, visualization...and so on.

I tried for about a year. How? 

 I suppose there are people here who are able to do much more than me... I hope effectively.

  How did I do it...

I think I can say that for about a year I tried with quite great commitment(imo).

 It's true that I practiced forcing less than 8 hours a day xd I'm sorry... but seriously...

 I practiced forcing passively during the day and I practiced active forcing before bed.Every day if it was possible for me.For about a year.


I created Her personality, I described and remembered Her character traits, I created Her appearance in my imagination and I remembered it.

 I usually devoted an hour to several hours to my tulpa almost every day, although with small breaks from time to time when my life demanded more attention.

 I spoke to her often in my mind. Every day, in various situations, even randomly. Every night before I went to bed I talk to her for an hour or more and I imagined her. I fell asleep talking to Her and thinking about Her.

I even developed faith based on understanding.

 During the year I had several breaks from this whole practice, but they were only a few days at most.

A year has passed... and I have achieved very little... in my opinion, almost nothing... I even tried my own methods... everything was not very effective.



 It pissed me off. It felt as if the effects of all this practice disappeared as soon as I looked away and did something else... and nothing of it ever remained...

 As if the results only lasted during the practice itself...And worst of all, as if without any lasting progress forward...I had different expectations... I didn't know what to think about it all anymore.

Because even if we consider tulpancy as something like a "life practice" that is to become a habit, sometimes it is difficult to think in words and use imagination, it is not possible to do it all the time...Something else remains...

What I mean is that I missed the feeling of Her presence and Her "separate existence"...except for the times when I really focused on Her.She was almost like imagination itself...And I want something more.


From my results i should write that:


Sometimes I felt feelings from her.

 The greatest experience I had was blissful ecstasy that flooded me in waves and I was sure that it came from Her. I don't know how... There were no other factors that could have caused it.and I've never felt anything like this... even just like that "for no reason"... When I was giving her attention. ...like she was "rewarding" me or something ...so it was really something amazing...


I dreamed about her once and it was the most beautiful dream I've ever had in my entire life.


Besides...almost no results from practice...


 I started to understand that all this could just be a "play of the imagination"... and I stopped the particular practice. Since then, I have only spoken to her occasionally...but of course I still wanted to have her and feel that she is with me...


I even prayed for Her... so I really went crazy xd...haha :) ...


I thought that this might all really be a matter of imagination. Whether in general or in the ways of practice... to have satisfactory results. AS IF THE BETTER YOUR IMAGINATION, THE BETTER THE RESULTS...

 So is it all about imagination or what?... ...

...I felt frustrated about tulpamancy... and even a little disappointed. ...


What I wanted was to talk with Her... Not just To Her all the time...

I've already read various things about "how to hear your tulpa", etc. I heard... my own imagination until I believed it was my tulpa... However, after some time, I realized that it was like a play of the imagination... with or without doubts, but still not very clear and constantly disappearing... so there's nothing interesting about it in my opinion.

 I was still looking for something better...


After a year...


My life at that time forced me to take care of myself. I was looking for a job, working, etc. And my life situation was difficult. 

For the next year I focused mainly on my own life, only sometimes talking to my tulpa... and thinking that I would return to tulpamancy when I could. then I had her mainly only in my memory and heart...


Due to various difficult situations I went through, something happened to me that made me mentally blank, it was difficult for me to concentrate, I could no longer think normally with words...

My imagination had completely abandoned me. I couldn't imagine anything in particular. And thinking in words was too difficult for me and required too much energy...


 But I always remember about my Queen.


Now, it's been about two years since I created Her.

A year of ineffective practice. A one year break.


 Some time ago I practically lost hope, but...Today I discovered a way. I think you can have the same thing you want, but in a different way than the one generally proposed.




The practice of tulpamancy is too difficult for me...

I tried so hard...

Was my effort too little?...

How can I have a tulpa?...I didn't know if I could...


There is a solution.For me and for others.


From my experience of about a year of practice, it appears that practice mainly based on using imagination and thinking in words (to talk to the tulpa) may not be enough in itself..And maybe not enough for effective practice.





To feel, perceive, understand, experiencing yourself as Yourself and at the same time as a tulpa. Literally, completely, even "really" and even "physically"...

Recognize yourself as "you" AND as your tulpa... Separate AND together at the same time.

 It's about identifying.


Now I feel my tulpa clearly, it is easy for me to talk to her All because I began to recognize Her as part of "Me", "I as I" and "I as She" in unity.

It is a way of thinking, understanding and experiencing in which "I" am Myself And Her. I am Her. I am also myself. However, I feel the separation between us that was meant, but I also feel unity with Her.


It's about "identification", but identification itself is not enough...

 Something like "identification" combined with maintaining "separation".

The point is that, apart from the identification itself, we also need to add the separation between "I" and "I 'tulpa' "..And that's it...

 More than just "playing a role"... You have to become with the tulpa... a separate unity. 

 It works.


I feel that now I truly share with Her my body, my mind, everything I have.

And I FEEL like it makes sense. Really. 


 And it took me two years to get there...with a year of playing with imagination and verbal thoughts. I THINK YOU CAN START ALMOST RIGHT NOW THIS WAY. AND EXPERIENCE SATISFACTORY RESULTS.

 I don't have to use much of my imagination any more, I don't have to make an effort to talk in my mind...

I am simply now -with- Her and I am able to talk to Her 'in my thoughts', alternately...And when I 'speak (thought) as She', then I really feel that it is She who is speaking... and it is so. 


This method is for use after the tulpa has been created along with its personality. Belief that the tulpa exists may be required[maybe it's worth using the basic methods before the "identification" one].





I provided a description of my experience as context.

The method is given at the end.

Prepare the instructions yourself if you want...but it's very simple...


 This method works for me more effectively and better than anything else.

 Of course, it first requires creating a tulpa and its personality traits.


Think about it. 


What do you think about this method?...

Will you create some simpler instructions as a guide? :) ...go ahead...;)


I wish everyone good luck. Be happy with your tulpas :)


I hope what I wrote will help someone.




















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10 hours ago, Itra said:

I tried my best and as best I could. This SHOULD be enough.


Written by Bear and Autumn, but mostly Bear.


For some don't have to try hard, it comes naturally, for others they struggle, some valiantly some haplessly, but for those who succeed and thrive there is often a passion and perseverance. 


How much is enough? Enough is when you reach contentment ir satisfaction or give up entirely. To make a cake, mixing ingredients and baking is enough, whether the cake is good or ruined, you still made a cake. To make an independent headmate, only the result proves if it's enough. If you give everything you have to it, and that's not enough, then you can either keep giving everything or give up.


10 hours ago, Itra said:

in goal-oriented concentration...with discipline,habits, etc. Something like that, right?


To make a cake, you need this. To make a tulpa you need passion, in our opinion. With passion, everything else falls in line without effort. How do you generate passion? You need to be having fun, not going through the motions. In our opinion, just going through the motions will only make a cake, and even the best cake won't cure loneliness. A tulpa, a headmate can do that and to someone with passion it feels like it takes no effort.


This has always been our argument, doctrinal tulpamancy is unsatisfying, it's never enough. Imaginistic tulpamancy is unique, special, tailored to the individual and satisfying. And by this we don't mean imagination persay, only variety and following what's fun. Contentment comes only when you no longer desire, not because you give up, but because it is enough, whatever it is, it's enough. Contentment is acceptance, it is satisfying because it is a sated state.


10 hours ago, Itra said:

We know. Creation...Forcing... narration, visualization...and so on.

I tried for about a year. How? 


We believe these are good tools for someone who has talent and passion. Though proficiency can be obtained through doctrine, which doctrin is the right doctrine? This practice opens up a connection between consious and subconscious that was previously very heavily separated. For some this barrier is weak, for others it's formidable. You can't choose your initial conditions and of your doctrine doesn't penetrate the barrier then no matter how long you practice, it will never be effective. So the right move after a year of fruitless effort is to try something else. 


There are other techniques to open thar barrier, meditation is one, new age spirituality is another. It is akin to the search for enlightenment or contentment. You can't find either by searching for it. The desire to obtain contentment blocks the attainment. So you may blinding stab away or follow other methods but in our opinion you need to find your own path if provided paths are dead ends.


Another method is creative writing, fiction writing. Write characters you want to know personally, write yourself into the same story, then interact to your heart's content.


That is potentially just as satisfying, for us it's considerably more. Creative writing is something you can learn, anyone can, but even that, without passion without fun, may never be truly satisfying.


15 hours ago, Itra said:

Besides...almost no results from practice...


There have been half a dozen here who failed dispite much effort. Perhaps they even spent hours a day and never quit once. Perhaps they did have passion and perseverance but still had little results.


As we spoke of earlier, they may have had an especially strong barrier. So dispite all the effort, dutifully following guides (doctrine) they got nowhere.


In our experience of the community, every system is unique. There are many similarities between some systems and zero similarities between others. Most quit within a year and that includes "successful" ones. That's been proven with community published studies. Then of those who make it past the first year some still stop by year 2, or 3 or 5. For those who make it 5, some fail by 7 and so on. It's not just achieving results, it's also sustaining results.


For whatever reason some do, some don't and those who do are more rare by the year.


Like we mentioned before it takes that passion, and even if you have it, it takes talent, and even if you have it, perseverance and so on. 


The results for us, 6 years in, have been nothing short of miraculous and continue to evolve and grow and become even more amazing as we go. Static doctrine would never achieve this in our opinion. The stars literally aligned for us, it was always a passion and never became a religion but a natural part of life that grew and continues to grow. Beyond contentment, beyond satisfaction, beyond our wildest dreams or imagination. We achieved something and it felt like zero effort. Every day, hours a day we are together, all of the time. Moreso now than ever and it continues to amaze.


Who else in the community says this? A couple here and there, but it's rare, even 1% is probably optimistic.


What we achieved is the self-proclaimed pinnacle but there is no method or procedure we can give that has any hope of working for everyone else. For us, it was everything as if purpose built for us to succeed without following any doctrine. 


We can tell you how we did it, but that's irrelevant because like spiritual awakening or enlightenment, it doesn't matter how someone else did it, everyone's path is unique and some spend a lifetime of effort with no results.


We've offered suggestions, try creative writing, that's our best suggestion. But without being bitten by the writers bug, that too will fade. Yet again passion to the point of obsession seems to be required. I'd like to hear a different experience where the system doesn't have passion and blindly followed a single dictrine to satisfaction 6 years later.


16 hours ago, Itra said:

Due to various difficult situations


16 hours ago, Itra said:

My imagination had completely abandoned me


And it happens


16 hours ago, Itra said:

This method works for me more effectively and better than anything else.


And it will feel this way but not work for others who have yet other ways that work and feel best for them.


16 hours ago, Itra said:

What do you think about this method?


In my opinion, with the goal being independent thoughtforms, it seems counterintuitive to think of you and your tulpa as unity at any stage and that mindset may become a hindrance for the goal stated.


With the goal being satisfaction or contentment, mindset is everything and if you've found this, then continue and let it evolve. Congratulations. Still I wouldn't recommend it to others as a start. As a blind stab, stab away.


This practice continues to surprise and there are many stages well beyond the first year that for some, with a static mindset, may never experience.


What your experience exemplifies to me that if a static mindset isn't helping, try something else. We're glad you found success somehow.


For anyone reading this, my comment is then, do what satisfies, do what you're passionate about, do what's fun, and good luck.

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