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Do you think your tulpa will like you?


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Well, there's Rhyme. Yukari seems to like him well enough but said she prefers talking to other people (like on the IRC).


I'm pretty sure mine will. I've given her traits that should maker her take interest in, or at least understand most of the things I like doing, in addition to ones that should produce interests I don't have but could reasonably take up. Her personality responds greatly to emotions, and I already love her more than anything and give her tons of love and care in our sessions.


(I refuse to put something like "loves me" in her personality, despite some of the posts in the depressed-tulpa thread -- I may as well make a computer program that pops up random message boxes with "I love you", it would seem about as real.)


UPDATE: Looks like I was right. Her first words that I was *utterly* convinced weren't parroted were a slow and carefully mouthed "I love you". (Mouthed because I can't hear her voice directly yet, slow because I don't lipread well.) She also acts very sweet most of the time.

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My tulpa likes me. There's no guess work even necessary. The way she acts, the things she does, all points to her having some fondness for me. In some people's view, she might be a bit...too fond.

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I believe so, I have no reason to think otherwise.

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A couple of the main traits I'm putting in are "Loves me" and "Wants to fuck every day"


Just kidding, The closest I have to those is "affectionate". That still leaves plenty of room for her to make her own choices.


But back to the topic, I know for a fact she will like me, I direct only positivity her way and I can feel it in the responses I've been getting. Plus, I don't believe she has any reason to hate me really.

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I feel like she'll like me because I think we'll see eye to eye on a lot of things.


Also it seems like she's already sending some "good feels" my way. *fingers crossed*

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