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Mind Control


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Do you know how scary this is? I knew a Tulpa who killed their host



Have you ever, just for a second, considered the possibility that you just got trolled, friend?

I mean, seriously, someone told you that on the internet or what?


And even if serious, people can convince themselves (and others) of almost everything -> autosuggestion / hypnosis. Add unstable personality -> creepypasta boils over, spilling on the floor


Frankly I don't believe any of this killing stuff. Neither hosts nor tulpas can be instakilled unless one of them an heroes with the physical body. Everything else is just symbolism. We may gradually fade away without attention but we don't 'die' like living beings simply because we do not have physical bodies like living beings. We are a function of the mind and therefore I'd consider my existence more like an ability that has been acquired by years of training.

Once established the quality may suffer with a lack of training but completely forgetting it is nearly impossible, just like the ability to ride a bike. So there's no realistic way to get rid of me, let alone my host.

Not sayan that people with certain conditions might not have such experiences but that does not apply to the average tulpamancer.


Regarding control, I can steer my host into certain directions but it's more like a subtle influence. I can't take over because I have little physical strength in his body. Yet.



Also, great research thread!

So much science

Super Girls don't cry

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I'm new to this idea, but not tulpas. I've been a host for tulpas for years without realizing it. I actually thought they were alternate personalities that were technically me. It was only this morning that I learned of tulpas and realized that's what I was dealing with.

Funny enough, this mind control thing became a major issue for me. I have three major tulpas that I host and one of them is rather dark and a bit demonic. He likes to taunt me and point out really sexual things that I won't mention here. The big thing he likes to do is abuse me. He used to take control enough to make me do things to myself, so if you have a tulpa and want to mess with mind control and switching I advise caution.

Tulpas like to interact it seems. If I have all three talking at the same time, I actual feel equal in power to them. I may be the host, but they have power to control the situation too. Be sure to keep them in check. Nurture and grow them, yes, but remind yourself and them that you are in control and are the host. If you hand power to them, it can have Major side effects.

Be careful.


- The Author

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Not sure I read the whole thread. It would have been a while ago. Anyhow, I happen to know that freaky mind control stuff is absolutely guaranteed to be possible between host and tulpa, though you might have to work at it. There's even an obscure hypnosis community devoted to something called pet play that totally messes with this stuff. Myself, we haven't touched it much. We basically fight for control, to practise our mental discipline, and our control over our mind. But we have never explored long term servitude or anything like that.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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I thought I was the only one that got controlled by a tulpa (I preffer to not call my tulpa a "tulpa" though). I didn't try to do it, he done this by himself just the next day he arrived. I wasn't angry or scared since he didn't made me do anything bad, but yeah, it is possible to make this mind control thing. I can't tell how though. It was mostly his own work.

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Controlling and forcing a human to do anything is distasteful. It is their purpose to choose.

Making them do anything is comparable to beating a mentally handicapped child.

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On 5/20/2016 at 10:19 AM, TheAuthor said:

He used to take control enough to make me do things to myself

I don’t think he’s a tulpa, then. Tulpas can’t do anything that you don’t want them to do, especially forcefully taking control of you. You may want to look into DID alters, or metaphysical/spiritual stuff like demons and possession. I don’t know much about either of those things, but I don’t think he’s a tulpa.

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We also have Lia and Cosm/Cosmo, but they don’t want to practice possession or switching for a while, so you won’t see much of them.

My friend Olive may also post through this account, their tulpas are Opal and Prince.

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Well, I will discuss neither if in the case that is primarly discussed here we are before a tulpa or another kind of headmate nor if this story is trolling.

I want only to confirm that mental suggestions to the host by a headmate are possible.

I mean, mine tried a few times to influence me at a subconscious level and I suspected it was during my/our dreamtime.

The most notable effect I experimented was when she locked my libido for she was jealous.

But, I precise I am pretty sure she is a soulbond and not a tulpa. As a result, I do know if this experience is relevable comparatively to yours.

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