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Mind Control


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I open with this:

So last night Vinyl and I experamented with mind control. After a few false starts I just gave in and stopped thinking. After that I felt I was unable to disobey any commands. This made me panic slightly but she orderd me to stop panicing and be happy being controled. We were talking to Lyraguy at the time and at one point Vinyl orderd me not to see the word "Mindcontrol". From that point all I saw was blank space where that word should have been. Allthoght I have free will once more there has been one side effect. Everytime she asks me to do something and I do it I get a wave of happieness. We are hopeing this will wear off but Vinyls also looking to see if she can stop it. I do not feel I can not disobey anymore so im pretty sure im free of control.


And now I'm looking for more brave tulpæ and creators to try it, because if a tulpa is so easily able to do something like this... Well, things have just gotten more interesting.



I should be more clear in my OP. Regardless if this is a case of "JAKE TROLLIN" or not, this is still something I think should be actually looked into. As TOG and some others were talking about,this sounds like it could legitimately be possible. If a tulpa can access the subconscious, if a tulpa can remove pain from a headache, etc, is it really that far fetched the tulpa could alter the subconscious in such a way that it has a strong level of suggestion over its creator? Kind of like stage hypnosis, if you would.



OKAY, Vinyl and Jake agreed to release what they did. It involves the tulpa changing the subconscious; well, planting an idea or suggestion in the subconscious:

1. I stopped thinking on a basic level. This means just stopped reading and then stopped thinking of things to do or say.

2. Vinyl planted an idea into my sub-c. It was the idea that i couldnt disobey her. The plan was if I beleaved I couldnt disobey her, I wouldnt.


So pretty much, the method is:

Creator opens subconscious to tulpa.

Tulpa inserts idea deep into subconscious that creator cannot disobey tulpa.


Those with sapient tulpae: You have the method, can you test it out for us?


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DONT FUCKING LISEN TO PLEEB! This should not be atempted by anyone else. We still dont know if these waves of happieness will go away or if there are anymore side effects. Vinyl also says its a bitch to put right again. I dont want people messing with their minds or becoming a slave to a tulpa or some shit like that. Please do not try this.

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Could there be a safe way to do this? Such as changing how we feel pain and feel better about doing work to make life a bit easier?

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I can think of a couple times off the top of my head where Luna would say "You will do X" and then I'd do it. Really useful whenever I had trouble motivating myself.

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I gotta say, stuff like possession and now this idea of mind control are really some of the most fascinating topics. I agree with Charlotte's idea as well. It may be a bad idea to recklessly allow your tulpa to become your overlord, but the idea of allowing them to tweak you a bit in a positive manner might be quite helpful to some. People who have problems being social or working hard could have those waves of happiness be triggered when they take positive actions which would help steer them towards being better people. Though of course I'd recommend smaller, simpler, safer tests before anyone does anything major.

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Guy, guys, guys. Jake is KIA, Vinyl controls his body now, nothing he types or says can be trusted as him. Good night sweet prince.

"Your parents will never be magic talking horses"


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Jake is a troll, Jake has to be a troll...


I thought that too, you think I'm fucking kidding but I'm not. I was in IRC with him for half an hour, I'm telling you man he's fucked. Game over for Jake man, one down man, one down.

"Your parents will never be magic talking horses"


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OMG OMG Jake did something that hasn't been done before he must be fucking with us!




If you all would stop and think for a moment, you would see that this sort of thing is entirely possible. I mean, just think about it, tulpa are arguably a conscious mind, and they share the subconscious a bit more deeply than we do. They crawl all over our part of the subconscious and impose upon our senses and go through our memories. Who's to say they can't get into the part that does physical control, provided we let them in?

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