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It's 'tulpas', not 'tulpae'


How do you like to pluralize tulpa?  

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  1. 1. How do you like to pluralize tulpa?

    • Tulpa
    • Tulpas
    • Tulpi
    • Tulpae

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>gratuitous latin

>year of our lord twenty twelve

Tulpas is obviously correct. There is a tulpa, then there is another tulpa, and we're speaking English. Tulpas.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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Fun fact: there are two other words imported into English from Tibetan: lama and sherpa. The plurals of these are 'lamas' and 'sherpas' respectively. Judging by these precedents, 'tulpa' is clearly going to pluralise as 'tulpas'.

Even if there were no precedent, it would still be obvious. Words imported into English always take either their own plural or an English one. They never take a plural from a language that isn't involved. By giving a Tibetan word a Latin plural when using it in English, you're coming off - to me, and to the similarly informed linguists who make up much of the scientific community - as ill-informed and pretentious.


It's worse when you mispronounce 'tulpae'. Church Latin may have it as 'tulp-ay', and Classical Latin as 'tul-pie' as in apple pie, but 'tulp-ee' is not correct. In Latin that would be 'tulpi' - a plural, which, by the way, makes even less sense.


It's even worse when you use the ash with 'tulpæ'. It was medieval practice to write Latin like that. Classical and modern practice is to use 'ae'. Beyond being even more wrong, it looks even worse as well.


And that's why I use 'tulpas'. Rant over.

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Guest Anonymous

I will only accept tulpas, tulips, or tulpies.


Tasty tasty tulpies.

It was a real cunt imposing you, but you were delicious.

Making a new sentient pie is going to suck, but you know what they say, "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first make an extensive trait list."

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Guest Anonymous

I don't like that term unless you are actually using your tulips as food preservation devices.

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using your tulips as food preservation devices.


Worst idea ever. I demand a refund, mister.

Name: Philip

Age: (7 June, 2012)

Form: Male teenage human, light brown hair, green eyes, jeans & hoodie


Name: Amalia

Age: (15 Dec, 2012)

Form: Female teenage fairy, black hair, blue eyes, white dress

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