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Pre-Vocalization Communication Through Possession


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Everyone who approved this without testing it, see me in my office.


I tried it and it didn't work. Some stupid stuff about Java being Java. Java is portable, they said. Bah. I looked up the error and it looks like the version of the JDK the OP used is ten years out of date or something. I even updated my JRE and it still didn't work. I can't use it, and the OP doesn't seem to care, so I disapprove.


I can't resist having a dig at this though. The Meerkat's choice of "essential" symbols is bizarre, to me. I cannot fathom why you need a semicolon, a tilde, a less-than sign, a greater-than sign, a pipe, a backslash as well as a forward slash, a caret, a double quote or a hash here. If you want to use every symbol on the keyboard then you - actually, you're only missing '¬', '`' and '¦' from my keyboard. Anyway, you may as well just train possession that bit more and get your tulpa to type out their message.


Alternatively, you could make the six-bit code a five-bit one and only use actually essential symbols, i.e., the 24 letters, a space, full stop and a comma. Not that a five-bit code is much easier to remember anyway. How the hell anyone could communicate with this, I don't know. LRLLRLRLLRLLLRRLRRLLRRRLLLRLRLLRLRLRLRLRLRRLLLRLRLLRLLLLRRLRLRRLLLLRLRRRRLRLRLLRRRLR It makes me wonder why you wouldn't use Morse anyway; at least it might come in useful some day. Or hell, why not actually use ASCII? Again, way more useful than this code and only one more bit to remember.


But that's living in a world where your tulpa can't speak and memorising six-bit character codes and tapping them out via possession is a sensible alternative to communication. I could keep beating the dead horse here but instead I'll offer the olive branch to the OP such that if he fixes the Java stupidity I'll approve this for Resources.

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Guest Anonymous

Disapproval until the program seems to work for people.


Such a long workaround. This has helped the author, it is possible that it has helped others, and it's possible that this was the way that would work for them and any other would not do. But I think time would have been better spent on other methods.

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Time would be better spent learning Morse, I feel.

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Just compiled the program and tested it. I don't see the point for a tulpa possessing if they aren't vocal. That's just stupid.


Disapproved. You might as well use a Turing machine if you are going for this kind of complicated approach. That would actually be a fun project at least. This is just silly.

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