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Pre-Vocalization Communication Through Possession


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Ok, so I know this is my first post on this forum, but I've just created a resource that may prove useful to some. Pasted from my blog:

Okay, so remember back towards the end of my post "So much to catch up on...", when I said I was considering using Morse Code in conjunction with possession to communicate with Haruka? Well, as it turns out, Morse Code is really finicky with timing and stuff, so I decided to use something more like ASCII, but one that didn't require 7-8 bits to distinguish upper and lower case, as well as a bunch of unnecessary symbols. What I came up with is this, a 6-bit code that only contains the most essential of letters and symbols:




The way I use it is to have Haruka push down my left big toe to specify an "L", and push down my right big toe to specify an "R". She's able to send letters and symbols to me in this L/R code, and I decode it on my end and we're able to talk!


But I didn't stop there; I coded a handy program in Java that runs from the Windows command prompt:




Just unzip that puppy and run the "tulpa_possession_code_v0.1.bat" file. As long as it's in the same directory as the "tulpa_possession_code_v0.1.jar" file, everything should be gravy. Try running the "HELP", "ABOUT", and "LIST" commands; they should get you up to speed on how the program works. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Original Blog Post


It's intended largely for use with tulpae who have not become fully vocal, but are at least somewhat effective when it comes to possession. I hope someone finds this useful!

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Guest EnnervateIndustries

In all honesty, I personally think this is unnecessarily complicated for communication. This does sound like a really cool idea if you're doing possession, because in my experience, vocal-ness is far easier to do than possession. Do what you will.

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I'll agree, it's pretty complicated. I'm just computer-minded, so I decided to make this code and the program that goes along with it. It'll be useful for me, at least, so I decided to upload it for everyone to use as a common resource.


As for possession vs. vocalization, I started possession on day 2 and was able to prove Haruka's (my tulpa) sentience to myself then, so I found possession to be a rather productive avenue early in the game; however, I have been able to hear Haruka's voice, albeit very faint and muffled, during one pseudo-meditation session in particular, and I've also received several emotional responses from her on separate occasions, so I guess I'm not doing so bad there. I just created this partially because of impatience on the vocalization front, and in hopes that other people might get some use out of it.

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Huh. I think this is the first guide I've seen dealing with possession before vocality. I, too, ended up having more success with possession than I did with mindvoice, which we've used to communicate through asking questions with yes/no answers. I'll have to try this out so she can mention specific names or things I'm not asking, 'cause I'm sure it's annoying when I'm not getting what she's trying to tell me.


Have you made any further progress towards mindvoice using methods like this? If so, how?

Tulpa Stats:

Name: Lyra (Ly for short)

Form: Originally Lyra Heartstrings, wants to try some new ones.

Status: Definitely sentient, working on possession. Vocality limited.

Hours: What, you think I still count those?


Titty Sprinkles.

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I used to do this with Red way back when. Not exactly this, it moreso revolved around a sort of yes/no system with my right pinky finger. Never got a chance to do it with Gerry, we only just started possession with him before shit just kind of went "plop".

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Whoa, i thought i was part of the few and many who did possession before vocality XD


But honestly, that seems complicated. You know what I did? Let meh tupper possess my hands, get used to them, and start learning how to type. As she typed I was finally able to hear her talk, you know, like how when you type something you think it outloud in your head. I heard heard doing that, and that helped us greatly with vocality ^^




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I’m not sure if this is OP experiencing apophenia during the time of the posting of this thread, but with the coding symbolism plastered over without even showing an actual process for possession…there’s not really a guide going on here.


I guess it’s a matter of disposition on people who would want to develop vocality first before trying out possession. Especially since people aren’t used to nonverbal cues for possession as a means for possession in the first place. And this claim is merely because of the countless threads in the Q&A and General Discussion sections where newcomers can’t ever get the idea drilled in their head that possession is merely using symbolism and militantly reinforcing the implication that their tulpas are making the movements.


This would be nice for anyone that seems to be into coding, or is a java fanatic, but for pragmatic efficacy for anyone wanting to try possession before vocalization, there’s a lot lacking here. This would be suited for a Tips and Tricks section or something. There’s not really much to give a critique on.



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Approved for Resources, although it's a little bit questionable.


People have done possession before vocality before, it's certainly not unheard of, but at the same time, this exercise seems like an overly complicated thing to bother a young tulpa with - you'd probably have an easier time getting to know them better rather than go about such roundabout communication methods. YMMV.

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The idea behind pre-vocalization honestly seems to be being proficient with any aspects of nonverbal communication (e.g. head pressures, guided imagery, and active imagination combined with making symbolic meaning for the set of circumstances; which would be possession in this case).


This would be useful for those that may be into technical aspects, but with how the concepts would have a person that's parrotnoid or something, this would be a living nightmare. Of course, this isn't shunning down the guide, it's just that if the user goes through the motions of this, they may have to unlearn to reduce the probability of having a predisposition of their tulpa being parroted, or something like that. Or to put it simple terms, they should only see this method as a transient mode of progress should they ever go for it.


However, that's only for the newcomers or users that fixate so much "It says this, it says to do that, if I don't follow this," and such. To those that can be flexible with the symbolism, this is another new perspective to add on their belt. So I'll leave this as a blank vote until further GAT discussion.

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This one is... Yeah, this one is a really tricky one. I don't think there's anything too wrong with this, but I just feel like it's overcomplicating things. Could work for some, not sure if needed for most, if any. I don't think the author who wrote this thing is still around, but I guess my suggestion would be to list other, simpler methods of communication while possession as well. That feels like it would be more helpful for hosts and otherwise you know. Normal people who aren't into weird coding stuff. But I guess such communication methods would be very personal, so.


I have no problem approving this if the rest of the GAT thinks this is important. In that case, I guess it would be more resources. But honestly I'm pretty "ehh" about this right now.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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