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Creating and use of wonderland


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How would you go about making a wonderland (I'm not sure if I would use it to create a tulpa or not), but every time I try to focus and relax, I get distracted. Any tips or how-to do this?

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To make a wonderland, just imagine a place in your mind. Being there is just daydreaming. It's really simple.

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You could try making a place of your own if you are good with visualization and are strongly connected to your imagination. Otherwise you could think of a place where you've been before that was really relaxing, beautiful, fun, etc. Once you've got the general place you can add things the more you go there (imagine being there).

As for your troubles with focusing, there are tips in the guides on this site. Also, caffiene can help with focus so drinking coffee, energy drinks, or dark chocolate before forcing can help.



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