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Aarix Independence Guide

Upper Class Twit


First off yes I know, I am Upper Class Twit and it says this is by Aarix, well SHUT UP. I was talking. I was talking to Aarix on Skype a while back, and I mean a WHILE back and I mentioned this guide that he never put up here, and he basically said something along the lines of "You can do it." So this ENTIRE thing is by him, not me.


First off this is a guide and should be treated as such, take all the information with a grain of salt, following this step-by-step is not mandatory and its encouraged to apply your own tactics to this information that better suits you as an individual.


This guide is mainly for tulpas who have a clear mind voice, the main thing to get across is to help you and your tulpa become independent from each other. Let’s first elaborate what I mean when I say a tulpas "independence" since it’s not any real official meaning and is abstract, I'm referring to your tulpas ability to do more thinking and acting on his or her own without the absolute dependence of your concentration and focus.


All the advice I'll give is of my own personal experience, if you don't like it, simply move on!


Now, as many would tell you, their independence comes overtime, to simply go with the flow and continue on with talking to them and forcing, and that’s perfectly alright. But I believe there is a little bit more you can do to possibly help. The key here is to constantly keep them in your focus habitually, kind of like an emulated feeling of your tulpa being independent. Though some would argue that is basically how a tulpa becomes independent. Let me just get on with it.


This is very common for early tulpas and tulpamancers even with mind voices, sure they can talk and do whatever but if you're not paying attention to them, they are unable to get to you as often as you like. If some are lucky, hosts get the occasional "alien response" but for the most part, if a tulpa wanted your attention, they had to wait for you to acknowledge them.


I imagine a window between us, with her on one side and me on the other, when I give her attention, it opens and she is around. But when my focus is off from her when I do practically anything, than it is shut and she is unable to do anything in general, let alone with me. But when they're independent they should be able to leave it open.


This used to be a crisis with me thought it took many, many months; my tulpa is around pretty much all the time unless I'm immensely busy and even then she is able to spectate a lot easier than before. I got so determined that I decided to obsess over keeping her in the front of my attention. I made it an absolute must to remember she’s around. Every waking moment to visualize her in my peripherals, and always read what she is doing in my brain, and occasionally chit-chat, I would do that every waking moment, but conversations between us can only go so far. But still, the tiniest thing would make me forget about her for long times and I was angry at myself for it. So a few tricks I tried were the following.


Try to associate stuff you see all of the time with your tulpa, say your tulpa likes sandwiches, well associate them with a loaf of bread and every time you walk past your kitchen and see bread, you're reminded of your tulpa. If they love racing, associate them with moving cars, just do as much as you can, you need to consistently bring them up, it takes a lot of work and practice but over time it builds to form a habit than it becomes easier and easier to work on.


This is a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone if you do reality checks in attempts to obtain lucidity, get something like a watch or a wristband that would remind you of them, and set a reminder to check, like every half an hour you hear a beep on your phone or anything, remember when you forgot about your tulpa for a second and try to keep them in the front of your attention while you do other things. It takes a lot of mental work and practice to keep it consistent enough but if you need a reminder every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, even 5-10 minutes if you really need to work on it and that’s perfectly acceptable.


Through it all, you need to keep it up, and tell your tulpa to make the best attempt they can, after a while, ask them what they were doing if you forgot about them for a second.


Another thing I used to do is, when I'm driving, have your tulpa sing the songs that are on the radio, takes less energy that hearing your tulpa talk and it’s a good way to multitask, though I recommend you do this if you can handle listening to your tulpa sing while at the same time focusing on the road, it helped me though.


I've seen references say that having your tulpa count while you do whatever is a decent approach, personally I see this better suited to being a test of how well you can process your tulpa parallel to yourself. If they count and it’s distracting your mind and thoughts, as if theirs and your thoughs are tangling up, then you need to work at it a little more.


When I did this, my tulpa was able to count to 1250 while I worked just fine, and I was even able to listen to instructions, with only a few things she lost count.


Another thing is to take into consideration is they’re “thought forms” a.k.a, your own thoughts constructed productively. You know what else is of your own thoughts? Day dreams! Ever been so hypnotized inside of one of your own daydreams that you mumble the dialogue of it out loud or anything relating to that? That trance is probably the most easier and productive aspect to work on connecting to your tulpa passively. I like to consider it a hybrid between the two. Try to immerse your tulpa in a daydream state but instead of watching it mindlessly similar to hypnagogic, have just enough consciousness to talk to them like that. You may be working slightly less productively at work but if you practice this well enough, you should be talking to your tulpa more and more as the days and the weeks go by.

Anyway, that’s about all I have, hope it helped, if not, well at least you have information!

"The Question is not who is going to let me, its who is going to stop me"~ Ayn Rand

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Guest Anonymous

All we need to do is get some one to update the writing of this guide a little, then it would pass easily enough. Who could we get to do such a thing? Linkzelda, you like to write. Are you up for a little editing?

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Aarix submitted an updated version with spelling and grammar errors corrected, as well as a bit more content.

I have edited it in, as he was unable to do so.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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"say your tulpa likes sandwiches, well assassinate them with a loaf of bread and every time you walk past your kitchen and see bread, you're reminded of your tulpa."


I don't want to assassinate my tulpa :O

Tulpa status:




Current Form: Mew


Personality: 95%

Visualization: 60%

Parallel Processing: 15%

Imposition: 5%

Narration: 10%


Wonderland: 50%

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The assassinate typo was fixed with Aarix's approval.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Sounds pretty on the level, despite the occasional spelling flub. I am doing something similar as it happens. I created a pendant made out of deer-antler with Deortabe's sigil painted on it, and I'm wearing it all the time now, 24/7. The slight weight and the feel of the pendant against my chest serves as a nice reminder of her, especially since I don't usually wear pendants.

[align=center]Host: Mike "Redback"

Tulpa name: Deortabe

Appearance: Female deer with glittery hooves.

Begun: 04/09/14

Progress: Basic appearance starting to take shape, possible first signs of sentience.[/align]

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