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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Alex, I dunno if thats gonna work; If I've learned anything it's that tulpas take time. Unless you have lots of idle time (say maybe you have a really boring class that you have to be at but don't actually need to pay attention to) you should probably wait until you have more time, or be prepared to wait years for your tulpa to form.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Okay then I will introduce myself:


You can call me Onikaan or Oni. I'm a 24 years old student of business computer science from germany.

At first day of this year I decided to create a tulpa (she's called 'Kim').


There are different reasons why I create a tulpa. There are e.g.:

- examine my minds power

- advice, discuss, communication, just fun, jokin' around and so on

- have a person who really deeply understand my thoughts and feelings


I thought about this topic a quarter year ago. The fear at this point is the same as now:

Do I have (or allocate) enough time for that - especially in the weeks of exams?


I hope to learn a lot of the experienced people in this forum and hope for great discussions.





ps: alex0704f recruits me ;)

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Hi there, I've just recently joined the tulpamancy community. I'm not very good at these introductions so I'll simply say that I'm Draugrs and my tulpa is Brimstone. She's non-vocal and non-sentient at the moment sadly, but I'm hoping we'll be able to change that soon! :)

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I thought about this topic a quarter year ago. The fear at this point is the same as now:

Do I have (or allocate) enough time for that - especially in the weeks of exams?


Just to clarify, you definitely do have time. You can focus for ten minutes a day or ten hours a day, and neither are likely to hurt your tulpa (or you) in any way. :)


Anyway, I'm new to the forums here, but not new to the concept of tulpa. James is mine and possibly the only one I will ever have, though it's too early to say that for certain.


As for myself, I like reading, writing, drawing, and studying history--especially the Medieval and Victorian time periods.


Not sure what else I could say. :3

James: Hello, all!

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I think is my turn


Hi! My name is Ivo and I'm an argentinian engineer student.


Thanks to a friend who made me notice about all of this, I got the great surprise that I had a tulpa with me since a lot of years ago, but he doesn't know what it was, only that he existed this whole time.


A few weeks later, a second one appeared to give an extra of "fun" in my busy head and to remember me and him good manners and similar stuff, with his seriuos and correct behaviour.


TL;DR:The first one is Cross, an Angel. The second is the prince Artemis, an Alicorn (based on MLP Luna's r63 version).


Their births were unpredictable, but they stay with me.


About switching, I am in a weird situation there. With Cross we implemented a "Half switching" method where he controls my body and he can speak freely but I can sense everything as I can see the real world without being forced to be in the worderland, like being both together at the same time. I won a couple of headaches the first tries, but now I feel it natural (and I sense his wings in my back while we are doing that). Artemis is not interested in that, but he tries it in rare cases (and I feel his wings plus his horn)

We like helping other people and learning new things in the process


Tulpae (years of existence):


Cross (16 years) - Angel || The cool a̶n̶d̶ ̶c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ one


Pr. Artemis (2 years) - Alicorn || The serious and correct one

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Hey all!


I was here briefly before, and I have returned. my original intro is on page 88.

It was so long ago and I apologise for just dropping off the face of the earth.

Anywho, I'm Yukii, My Tulpa is (or will be) Elizabeth. This time I believe that I am committed and mentally prepared enough to do this until the end.

I want to surround myself with relatable, cool, people so we can help each other out and cheer each other on!

Nice to meet you all again!


*I am interested in having a mentor if anyone is looking to take someone*




RE: Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

Hello everyone! I'm Yukii, I'm 20, and I am obviously a newbie to the site. I haven't created my Tulpa yet, but I will be forcing her 'soul' and working on my 'wonderland' tonight.


I am giving her the name Elizabeth, but she has the freedom to change that when she gains sentience. I plan to be reading and following guides (more then I already have read), but I am very much going to be finding my own 'best' method, as it is a personal endeavor.


I wish to create Elizabeth as a lifetime partner to share our experiences. I'm a lonely person, and have never really found someone I could call a best friend, or a true friend. Although I have many acquaintances, I have always wanted for something more, and I am incredibly excited to soon have Elizabeth (my heart is pounding with excitement as I'm typing this).


While these wishes (among others) are incredibly important to me, I will be adopting the "She will be done when she is done" method. I will not be rushing to create her. As such, I will likely not be counting hours, and I will also be doing my best to document my journey (which I may release monthly, as I go, or once Elizabeth is finished completely). Regardless, I will be active in the community from now, and I hope we can all enlighten each other!


*also as a side note, I would be interested to have a mentor to help me out at times*

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Hello, I'm Rynx. I've just joined a few days ago, but i've known about tulpas for a few years. I researched a lot, off and on, during that time. I'm finally making my tulpa, Matthew. He will have a human form. I'm 15, and I'm a boy. I don't really know what else to say in my introduction. It's nice to be here! Oh, yeah, and I'm also an artist.

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Hello, all!


So, this is somewhat of a return...I started here almost two years ago, hung around for a few months, then disappeared. I never stopped working with my tulpa, Ther, and he is now vocal. [Checking in. Hi, everyone!] We talk everyday, although we aren't much farther than vocality (and some parallel-processing).


As to why I disappeared...truth be told, I had some really big life changes happen that meant no internet for a while. My life has finally settled down and I'm at a place where I feel like I can be a part of the community. I've been lurking occasionally ever since I became a member...reading guides, mostly. Now I'm looking forward to actually participating.


[Also because I have been dying to talk here, too. There's a whole wide world out here I need to experience myself. This is a step to experience more, to live more. It's going to be interesting and fascinating. I can't wait to jump in!]


Here goes nothing. :) [Off we go, in the pursuit of progress...]

~Curiouser and curiouser~


Working on my first tulpa, Aetheros.



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I'm called Tobber, pleased to be joining this community.

I only discovered tulpas 2 days ago, but I know I have created many servitors in my childhood without knowing of the phenomenon. Eventhough a thing I lack is time, I want to try my best and force a sentient tulpa I named Kobato :)

I have been and will continue looking around for guides to make it a success.

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Well! Good day everyone!


The name's Tyler Cross...I go by Tyler, tho. I'm a thirteen year old kid who lives in the glorious...hot...sweltering...state of Florida in 'Murica. I actually just found out about these tulpa thingies a few days ago, however I have lucid dreamed a few times before and know all about this kind of stuff.


I may lurk a little here, however you'll probably see me ask some questions and 'yall that. In the upcoming months, I shall begin the process of tulpamancing. So..yeah. Pleased to meet everyone.



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