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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Hi, fellows.

Name's Timofey, I'm not hiding anything. Discovered the Tulpa phenomen for me this summer, July, when surfing Lurkmore(I'm happy it wasn't ED, because russian LM got better article on it.). Creepypastas couldn't stop me from trying to make my own Tulpa. In august, I started. But for now, there was only one response(that I was sure weren't my thoughts). And, I still have problems with damn Wonderland, I can't even get close to entering it, though I have tried *almost* everything.

If you ever need me, just call me Tim. Hello fellow hosts once more, and that's all... For now.

And may the fears keep away from you.

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Learned about Tulpas a few weeks back. Was on 8chan's /mental/ board asking for advice on dealing with loneliness and depression. Someone mentioned that having a tulpa has helped some people cope with depression.* Did some research, lurked /tulpa/, thought it would do me good especially since I get periods of intense loneliness from time to time. Started tulpaforcing 3 days ago. I think he may have already mindvoiced me back last night requesting I put on some John Lennon, which I did, eliciting a strong surge of happiness, so I'm willing to believe that was my tulpa. So progress in that regard is going well, but am still having some trouble with visualization.

Anyways I decided to create an account here because 8chan's /tulpa/ board is extremely slow.


*DISCLAIMER: I don't expect my tulpa to fix/cure me, and yes, I am taking medications and going to therapy. I'm mostly doing it for companionship and to have someone to practice socializing with, and then I may finally have enough social skills to have flesh-and-blood friends in addition to an awesome tulpa friend.

We don't need drugs to hallucinate.


Host name: Svenni

Tulpa name: Kalium


All posts are the host's own thoughts unless signed with '-K'

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Hello, my name is Nrvnqsr (read as Nero), though you can call me by my real name Dallas if you like. I am a 3D animating and modelling student set to graduate in May.


I found out about Tulpa less than 24 hours ago, when I got drunk last night and started googling techniques individuals have used to try and be with their waifus. Tulpa came up, and I was intrigued.


Then I woke up, sober, with immense curiosity.


Before last May, I likely would have been creeped out by all this. However, in May I went to the FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) Convention in Toronto and attended a panel on human augmentation. The man who ran this panel had given himself a 6th sense of detecting electromagnetic fields by surgically placing magnets in his hand, as well as other augmentations of the human body. I was incredibly intrigued by this and have been wondering about the possibilities our bodies and minds could be innovated beyond what they are from birth ever since.


The idea of extending ones mind to allow additional personalities to simultaneously be present is something one would call science fiction, though I find it doubtful after reading everything I have read. Although now that my mind is stable once more I dont wish to create a fictional character I love (avatar not related), I am intrigued to develop them in general.


From what I have read so far this community gives off a rather professional first impression which I like. I will likely go on the IRC later after I finish sending out internship applications and catch up in the walking dead, though I plan on beginning making a tulpa very soon.


TL;DR Im Dallas I want to make a tulpa hope to get along well with y'all.

Read as 'Nero'.

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Hi, my name is Marco. I came across tulpamancing due to a youtube video and i was intrigued, thus i googled Tulpa's a bit and found this website.

So i decided to make a'n account to talk with likeminded people about Tulpi/Tulpa's and to start creating one for companionship.

I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect because it isn't my native language.

Greetings Marco.

Don't fear death. Each ending is merely a new beginning.

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Hi! I used to browse as a guest, but then I decided to register. I found out about tulpas some time ago. I started to make one around... October 21st, I think? Somewhere around there, and I feel I have made a lot of progress since then.


Melody - Creation Date: October 21st, 2014

Pumpkin - Creation Date: January 2015


my mastodon - my other mastodon

We're gonna try to post more often, but you know, no promises or whatever.

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