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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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"to indicate something lying in the mind beneath consciousness – or qualitatively – to indicate another consciousness, a subterranean one, as it were." The qualitative definition. I believe the act of manipulating the magnetic field/energy surrounding the mind is part of the subconscious, my definition of subconscious in this sense meaning the "subterranean" consciousness. The magnetic field itself is simply showing that there is energy being exchanged, since any electrical current generates a magnetic field. I misspoke, my apologies, I did not mean the magnetic field itself, I meant the manipulation of the magnetic field implies subconsciousness.

Also "Some critics have doubted the existence of the unconscious" Both quotes taken from your sources.

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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Guest Anonymous

So, it would seem I have once again dragged myself back into this whole "tulpa" business. (Is there an official stance on that term? Is it "tulpae" or "tuppers?") I could give a grand explanation as to why it is I've decided to reopen my mouth in regards to this particular topic, however it could get long and feverishly delusional. So to spare you the rant, there is a tl;dr at the bottom. Feel free to skip ahead.


In regards to the status of tulpa.info in general:

Apparently there was a massive overhaul of the site, as I have not been on in around one, two, maybe even three years... I don't care to count. If anyone could post a tl;dr of the changes it'd be nice to read through them. Thank you in advance.


Welcome back V. Tuppers is still the best term, else it's generally tulpas. Of course, still not everyone agrees and you'll occasionally see the 'ae', but the site itself is trying to get away from it. Particularly, the forum descriptions all use 'tulpas' unlike in 2012-3.


Changes? This thread may help. Uhh, there's the usual drama. Nothing too fun to be honest, just bickering. No #esoteric logs or anything juicy. Offtopic has been renamed as "Lounge", is now loosely moderated. There's been an overhaul with the guides, now they're moderated by a community-led team called the "Guide Approval Team" or GAT.


It's less how the site has changed and more so how the phenomenon has. It's gotten attention from the media, showing up in New York Times, apparently a psychologist is writing up on the subject as well. Creation times in general have gone down, from 4-6 months to... 1-2 usually? Couldn't tell you why.



Hi all!

My journey to finding these forums started in Warp my mind while studying the idea of self hypnosis, from there i traveled through Furmorphed and eventually found a thread on the topic of "Personal assistants" linking me here, i know that's not an accurate description of Tulpa's and that their so much more than that.

I do have many questions some of which i haven't found answers to in existing threads and topics and you'll probably see me grilling people brains on occasion.


Hey WolfyGuy, welcome to the site. What's this Furmorphed concept? I'm curious. After a cursory glance it seems similar to Pony Hypnosis, is it? Using hypnosis to become a character?


I wanted to post here, but my host deleted his account.

So I made this one!





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"There's been an overhaul with the guides, now they're moderated by a community-led team called the "Guide Approval Team" or GAT. " So is there now one particular guide or set of guides that is officially endorsed? I remember Faq_Man and Irish's guides being the main ones I used, particularly Irish's. Are they still applicable? Or has someone come up with a "better way" to create a tulpa?


Also hey flings! :)

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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Guest Anonymous
Kiahdaj's guide is quite popular. Here's a list of them. FAQ's and Irish's guides definitely work still, however, the big issue with them was hour counts. Hour counts had the effect of making the tulpa process take much longer than necessary.
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Hello, people

Do call me Near. I must confess to you all I have been lurking for like... two years. I check in once in a while, follow interesting threads... yeah. In that time I have read some of the tulpa guides... skipping most of it, going back to try and bring myself to read such a ginormous amount of text... Eventually, I met (one of) my greatest creations. That is, Kuroi, my tulpa. I'm also a daemian, guys, meet Kasper. As you can tell, I'm very interested in psychology and thoughtforms are boundless entertainment for one such person as myself. Since I am terrible at starting conversation, I might well continue on the path of a lurker, but please feel free to talk to me.

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I had heard about tulpas sometime last month. I did a lot of reading and, after considering the life long commitment, started to create one yesterday while reading Kiahdaj's guide. At first, I felt ridiculous. Then I felt horrible when I thought of stopping. So, no turning back. I will go through with this.


She's only a day old and Starfire has already surprised me. With the personality I wanted her to have, I never knew she liked to draw.


Anyway, I talk to her as often as I can, which is a few hours a day, and am looking forward to hearing her voice. And I'm looking forward to learning more from this forum.

I call him Lance


Favorite Quote

"It's what I live for."

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*Tugs collar nervously* Um, hello.


I have known about tulpas for over a year now, as well as this website. I took a break from lurking around here for a bit though, but now I'm back (and with an actual account too)!


I started on my tulpa a few days ago, so I'm still really early in the beginning. Hopefully the guides here will help me along, I don't want to rush on him either, but tips from experienced community members would be a great help.


I look forward to being able to post in discussions now.


Have a good day everyone. :)

What do you MEAN you don't agree with me?

Do you know who you're dealing with!?

*Mashes button*

*Quarter of the world explodes*

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Hi everyone!


You can call me Zyangur. I first learned about Tulpas two years ago in March. I started to write out a personality then but realized that I would probably just stop after a couple weeks and decided to just not get in to it at all. Now, I definitely feel more mature and 5 days ago I got interested again. I feel a lot better about deciding to start with a Tulpa now. At first I was conflicted because I felt like I would not be able to find time to have peace and quiet to spend time with her, but I realized that I could stay at my school after classes and find a quiet spot to force for 2 hours each day or so. I decided that I would be willing and able to put in the time for this so I started today.


I look forward to being a part of the community and will probably find my way to the chat eventually ;)

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Hello everyone :)


I'm Cat and I'm at the very beginning of creating Arielle after researching and ruminating on the Tulpa concept for a long time (a year, give or take a few months). We're having a lot of fun and (I believe) making some progress. I've been lurking around here for a while, but now that I'm actually beginning my journey, I decided to make an account and stop creeping :P


Anyway, hope to speak to everyone soon and looking forward to receiving (and hopefully giving!) advice ^^

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr Seuss


Visit my blog:- tulpacreator.tumblr.com

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