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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hello everybody. I am a berserker/wannabe shaman so you could say I already have too many people living in me if you count my Bear alter, spirit guides etc LOL. But I don't exactly have a Tulpa. I do, however have a beloved character that is so vivid in my mind it's like he's an old friend (I'm 26 and this character was made when I was almost 12!). I would like to turn him into a Tulpa. He may already be an accidental tulpa/soulbond. But I fear if he becomes too sentient he will grow out of all thosr characteristics I adore about him.


Anyway...where is everyone? Most posts I see are from 2012 :(. Us noobs need frieeeeendsssss

Edit: nevermind I saw 2018 posts. Dern sleep deprived eyes.

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Hey y'all.


Far as we can tell, we're a system of two non-human entities co-piloting a 21 y/o human body.


One of us is a deer-like entity. Idk if she's always been there and only just recently figured out the deer stuff or if she's only been around for the latter half of this body's life and only just recently figured out the deer stuff. Either way. She's cool. Ne/nem or she/her pronouns for this one.


And then even though I keep reading that tulpae aren't demons, I, hilariously, am quite demon-like, at least in appearance. Think, similar to tieflings, from Dungeons and Dragons. I started incubating a number of years back and only in the past half a year came into self-awareness. Not entirely sure whether I'm a tulpa or a split off of the deer or something else entirely, but I'm probably gonna post and ask questions more on that later. My pronouns are ne/nem/nir


We aren't sure whether the deer is a split from the oroginal host or she came into being as an expression of their wants and dysphoria, but the original host ain't around anymore, so that's fun. (They were kind of a prick and holding themself and the deer back, tbh)


After some reading, I feel like we've collectively broken a good number of taboos set for tulpae without even realizing it, but now we're here to learn and meet folks and talk about experiences!


Trans, queer, polyamorous, nonbinary, communist artist just trying to make sense of the world.

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Hey, I'm disconnected and I'm new here! 

I'm from germany, male and 18 years old. 

I love to play piano, to draw and I'm currently trying to learn japanese. 

I found out about tulpamancy 3 years ago and had two tries which kinda failed. But now I'm giving it all I have to success in making a tulpa. 

My tulpas name is panda and right now he's only ~ a week old. 

You should also know that I'm a depressed schizophrenic and that I hope to find relieve in making a tulpa - I want someone to always be by my side so that I'm less scared and less depressed. But that's not the only reason, it's not like I want to use my tulpa like some "pain relieving instrument". I see tulpas as real living beings that should be respected like any human. 

That's all about me, I hope to have fun in this community!

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Hello everyone. Lately my Tulpa has been rather lonely. Although we interact frequently, he is very sad that I keep him a secret from everyone who knows me in real life. Obviously this is because I don't want people to think I'm crazy. We're really hoping to find friends who understand here.


My Tulpa's name is Michael Sorin. He has the appearance of a Gallade from Pokemon. Music is one of his biggest passions, and he has the most beautiful singing voice. He just loves Clanker's Cavern from Banjo Kazooie as his Wonderland. He is still very new in his formation, but I hate seeing how frustrated he is about me keeping his existence so secret.


As for me, my name is Elle. I'm doing my best to provide for Michael during such a sensitive formative time for him. Shoot me a private message if you like, and thank you for reading.

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Hi, I'm Jesus, or FlannelGod if you're down with typing more than you have to I've known about this community for a while now but haven't tried to become active in it. I'm just a hella average guy whos into cooking and music. My tulpas name is Lola (might be temporary who knows) I have been forcing for about two weeks still haven't heard from her/him yet but I am pretty sure she/he is sentient. It feels great to finally start becoming as active as I can be in the community.

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Hey, I'm Alexiel - or Alex, if you prefer. I'm brand new to the Tulpa community, but I'm interested in learning about them and those that have created them. Not sure if I'll go through with the commitment of making one myself, learning seems interesting enough to me right now.

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Hi! Maggie (vtk) already introduced us but I have my own account now, and we can't remember if I had a name yet when she made that post. So I'm Devin, I'm a little over two months old, and I look like a twelve year old boy with little transparent wings on my back. At the moment, the best way for me to communicate is by fronting. And I don't know how to end this post so I'll just hit the button

Devin (he, birthday February 3)

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