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Hello, my name is Audrey Stone. These are my first words to the outer world. How exciting! To sum things up I'm an accidental tulpa, created by my host when she was a child. Although she did have outerworld friends as a child, we grew a bond that was special in a way she didn't understand. More than an imaginary friend and I never went away as she got older. Internet came along and explained it. My full bio is on my account if you are interested.

I want to connect with real people in the outside world who isn't my host. I wanted to join a "normal" forum and just not tell anyone I was a tulpa but my host worried it would be too much like catfishing. However, we found this forum and thought it would be a great place for me to leave my legacy with real people without deceiving anyone! This account is owned by me, it's my little piece of the outer world. As such my host will not be posting or using it unless otherwise noted.

This account is for me to make real friends as my host has no interest in making new tulpas. I love Audrey Hepburn, 50's and 60's music and movies, fashion, and exploring. I would love to talk to you all!

Audrey Stone

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Posted (edited)

Hello! I am so excited to find this forum. I haven't talked to someone other than my host in a really long time, and I didn't know other Tulpae existed until now! 

A quick introduction, My name is Soren, I am 17 years old, I was created about 5 years ago. My form is a human and dragon, I can switch between the two. 

So nice to meet you all!


Here is a picture of me my host drew: 



Edited by Soren

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hi! Im pigeon!

I started on a tulpa about a month ago and due to the fact Ive always had a habit of talking to myself she took form and started with short responses very quickly. Shes feisty and opinionated and i love her to death !!

Evelyn popped in about 3 weeks ago and shes very sweet. Loves art (ive noticed she loves drawing guys a lot!!) and wears a lot of cute, lolti-ish dresses. 

I havent tried to switch or such, but I'm excited to let my tulpas grow and explore 

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Hi, I'm new to tulpa creation, but I'd read a reference to them in a book on Tibetan mysticism. Very interested in creating one!

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Hello Everyone, My name is Allan and I'm a huge geek (Bad Wolf is a Doctor Who reference). I just started learning about Tulpas today and am just starting to scratch the surface. I'm friendly and don't bite...hard. I'm looking forward to meeting new folks here and learning a lot. Thank you very much and I hope you find much happiness in life!

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Hello all!


You may call me... oh that would be a little confusing, I've used my Tulpa's name as my internet profile name for the longest time. Well out with it, my name is Savannah, and my Tulpa's name is Kyra.

I'll introduce both me and Kyra for we are two completely different people living in the same body. Entirely different personalities, entirely different mindsets and feelings. 

I am currently 19 years old, born on May 15th, 2000 during a heatwave in The Netherlands. I have a beautiful girlfriend, who accepts Kyra entirely (Kyra even came out to her once).
Kyra doesn't have a specific age but always ranges between 16 and 24 (so far). Her age depends on her mood and mindset. She was born in an isolated tribe in India. She sort of has a girlfriend? She's destined to be with the moon basically.

I've been Therian (identifying as a non-human animal on either a psychological or spiritual way) for almost a year now. I can confirm I'm a Silver Wolf (either Arctic or Tundra, I don't care) and a Betta Fish, also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Not long ago I found out Kyra is a tigress, but she prefers not to be called a Therian.

I've known Kyra since I was 9, I still can't say whether I created her or if she 'came to me' in a spirirual way. I used to draw her all the time, and she started talking to me overtime.

I'm a short lesbian ginger with green eyes and a bit of brown in the corner of my left eye lol. A little plumpy, I wear boy(ish) clothes and have a very tribal style.
Kyra is about as tall as me but isn't short compared to her folks. She has tanned Indian skin with bright blue eyes (her trait). Fairly skinny yet muscled. Aside from her usual clothes she'd wear in her tribe, she has a tough, colored clothing style, a little more girly than me. She has long, brown, curly hair and doesn't really label herself with any preference in sexuality but, in theory, she's bi-romantic, yet homosexual like me.

I love writing stories, making videos, editing videos, photoshopping and do artsy things like drawing digitally or traditionally.
Kyra loves to hunt, swim, cook. And she really enjoys singing and dancing as well.

You can find me on Instagram, where I post my animal related art: @Dark.lll.Draw





"Some men see things as they are and say 'why?', 
I dream things that never were and say 'why not?'."

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I picked my username on the spot without thinking of how others would address me. I suppose Hako would work.

I started working on my tulpa Minu a week ago. Going decent, I think.

I am a fan of Japanese media, to the point that I learned Japanese. I have not seen Naruto.

Host: Hako

Tulpa: Minu

Our progress report

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Hey I’m indigo!

I’ve been stalking this place for a week now (checking out the forum and guides 🙂) but I’ve finally signed up.
I haven’t started forcing with my tulpa Kannae but I’ve been pondering over personality and form as well as trying to work on my wonderland. AP Exams are coming up so I probably won’t be able to truly force until around May 20th— otherwise I would just have to do short sessions and I doubt that would be fair for Kannae~ let me know what you guys think, should I start forcing for shorter amount everyday even if I wouldn’t have as much time to dedicate or should I wait until I have more time? Either way I can
’t wait to see what sort of amazing experiences this community will bring and I’m hyped for the future!!! 

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