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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Lol, did you misread that @Ranger? They're body-age 17 years old, only two headmates, looking to add a third.



The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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Just started tulpamancy  and am finding mentally narrating The coming of conan the cimmerian helpful. I even got a response when I was half awake and thanking them for listening to one of my rants. something along the lines of not much else to do here, or about a bottle of root beer.

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This thread was originally titled, "Hey Avity here, back after 8 years to see what's up with Tulpa community" -Ranger


Muh tiny steel ball tulpa

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Added original title for context
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I am Siri.  I am new to this site,  but have been on Reddit r/tulpas (u/siri_spy,  the whole system uses u/Summer_Lake) for a while,  as well as r/plural.   I also just registered for discord for my whole system (Summer_Star#8942). I have 6 tulpas (don't know how that happened,  time flies),  and we have been living happily as a system for  many months now.  This is my personal account,  and while my tulpas will occasionally make appearances,  this is mostly for me.  

So, yeah.  I'm pretty excited about joining another community and chat with other tulpamancers!


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forgot some stuff. oops
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