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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

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Oh hai strangers. gonna assume this is obligatory posting for newb-scrub members.


I've been lurking the forums for about a week now, and attempting tulpaforcing for about the same amount of time, and stuff. It's an interesting...phenomenon I guess you can call it. Found out about it from a mention on a pony video about self-hypnotising yourself into believing you're a pony and some in-depth googling on tulpas.


I made an account so now I can pester people with questions, so, uh, yeah. Cheers.

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Hi! I'm new here. I was on the chat thing once. I have two tulpae, though I didn't know that's what they were until recently. I think that's it. :P

I'm awesome. (except not really)

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Greets all. First found out about tulpas A few years back when they were a popular pasta topic on x. Thought it was all an elaborate/interesting hoax. Then, just the other week I randumbly decide to try trolling a certain mlp board and stumbled on a tulpa mega thread with a link to this website.


Anyways, enough of my shameful chan backstory. Glad to be on board, look for my upcoming PR

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NariusV here.


Just started (active forcing) a few days ago. I have been thinking about creating a tulpa off and on for a few years.


I plan to keep a log in the community section, probably updated a few times a month, as progress is made and I have things to share.

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Hello, I'm y2k890. I was a bit annoyed that I had to wait 3 days to post this even though I know that was put in to fight spam. (More boards should have that feature come to think of it.) I discovered tulpa(tulpae, tulpas, tulpi) about a week ago from a pony thread simulator. At that time I tried to imediatly begin work on a tulpa. That was a bad choice now that I think of it. It annoys me that some people mispell tulpa as tupper. I will read a few more guides and begin work on my tulpa again later. At that time I will make a progress report.


Edit: Apparently tupper is a synonym for tulpa. It's still annoying to me though.

Name: Unknown

Form: Smoke Cloud

Vocal: Nope

Working on: Visualization & Narration.

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Im Mudkip, pleasure to meet you all

I have a pone tulpa named aura, he is about six months old as of this date, and i one day plan to have another tulpa one day with a more conventional human form


Formalities aside, it is a pleasure to be here, and i hope we can share insight in the future

i am forever banned from drinking orange juice because my tulpa hates it with a burning passion


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Greetings folks.

My name is Kraph. I discovered this place some time ago already, and the idea of making a tulpa seduced me (as it did with pretty much everyone else I know).

So here I am, or here we are because Wataki (that's Swahili, not Japanese) and I are working together, well, on Tulpa stuff I guess.

I am a native French speaker, trying to improve my English and I well never apologise enough for the inconvenience due to my mistakes, so feel free to let me know about it (or don't whatever who cares ?).


I don't know if I'll be a very active user, but I think i'm around for some time.

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Hi everybody, I've been lurking this forum for about a month and, well, decided that I'd better introduce myself now if I plan to post stuff in the future.


Also, english isn't my native langage. :)

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