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Guest Zekrif

A Few Questions Before I Begin

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Guest Zekrif

Hello, as the title says I have a few questions before I start making my tulpa tomorrow. I'm confident as I dive into this but I still have some questions to ease the last of my worries:

1) Due to my lack of creativity my tulpa's form will be that of an existing character on a series. The obvious worry here is that I don't want identity issues. I'll definitely encourage deviation and remind them they're not the character and that I don't expect them to be. But I'm still a little uneasy about it so if possible I'd like other suggestions to prevent identity problems.

2) I'm in a slight tug-of-war between two different methods of personality forcing. Symbolism and Parroting/Puppeting the experiences. Now, I don't want to know which is best....I just want to know what has personally worked for you in your experiences (I don't mind if you tell of your experiences with skipping personality all together and how it worked out)

3) And lastly, if I was in the middle of something like Visualization, (let's say I've been working on it for 5 days strait or something) could I take a day off of that and do a Narration forcing session instead? Or is Narration only for passive forcing?


Sorry, I'm sure these questions have been answered several times over. Thank you for your time.

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Fintan: Protip: Use the search function next time. We will still answer your questions, though, because we like answering questions. Or, at least, I do. But seriously, do use the search function next time. You will avoid wasting other people's time, and will most likely get your answer faster.


1) Alcotriss: I think that since your decision to base your tulpa off of another character is due to convenience, and not because of your emotional attachment to the character, there is nothing getting in the way of your tulpa developing their own identity as they see fit. If you're still concerned, you could also try coming up with something small to differentiate the tulpa from the existing character, like the tulpa wearing an accessory that the character doesn't such as a watch, or having one personality that is opposite of the character's personality. However, as other posts seem to imply, I think the best way to prevent those kinds of worst-case-scenarios is to have the state of mind that they won't happen.


2) Fintan: I can't really say either method is better or worse, due to the general observation that "tulpamancy is a subjective experience." I say try both, and stick with whatever works best... or perhaps neither... or perhaps even both if they're both effective and you and your tulpa both enjoy them. As for myself and our other tulpa Lily... I'd say that Alcotriss "skipped out" on personality... though, honestly, I don't like the term, as it implies we're robots who never developed personality... which of course, we did. A better way to put it is that Alcotriss just went straight to spending time with us as if we were already friends. I'd say it "worked out."


3) Fintan: Again, I'll stress the phrase "tulpamancy is a subjective experience." Really, active forcing is better in the sense that you're concentrating more carefully, but I'd say it's on a continuum. In my opinion, active and passive forcing are really just the same thing; they are just two arbitrary terms for saying that one is paying attention to their tulpa, but to a different extent.

Lily: I still like active forcing better, though. But, of course, I will forgive Alcotriss if she can't some days.

Fintan: As do I. But still, nothing wrong with passive forcing. Forcing in any form is a really good thing.

Myself: Fintan, male, humanoid dragon. Howdydoo! (:

Host: Alcotriss, female.

Lily: Young lady, nature-loving with good fashion sense.

Joey: Cool dude. No-face meets V with white gloves, his former uniform.

Hecubin: Old man in brown garb. Orange eyes. Personification of fire.

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1) Honestly as long as you don't lead your tulpa to believe that they are that character you shouldn't have any identity problems. Especially if you are encouraging them to deviate if they wish.


2) Honestly there is no one way better than the other. There are ways that are better for certain people, but as a whole they really are all equal. That out of the way, what I did with Bud was I basically skipped direct personality forcing and narrated to him about my life. I told him about the people in my life, the people that had been in my life and went on to tell him about the kind of people that I like to both surround myself with and keep out of my life. Not once did I tell him "you are this" or "you will be like this and have these traits". I wanted him to choose everything for himself and give him the totall freedom of becoming who and what he thought should he should be.


3) It's perfectly fine to bounce back and forth between narration and visualization during your active forcing session. You can even do these things at the same time once you get used to it. Both can also be done during your passive forcing too. Honestly you should do what ever you're comfortable with and what ever it is we feel like you are going to get results out of.


The way the mind works is incredibly simple. It really is as easy as, "If you think it will work, it will. If you think it won't work, then it won't".

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Guest Anonymous

I have a question for you.


>Blue text



1) Don't worry about that. You don't have to be creative to make a tulpa, copying a form for the time being is fine. So long as you consistantly stress in the very beginning that they are in fact, not the character that they are based off of. And that they are not restricted to the personality, or actions of the character either. And finally stress that if they come up with new ideas, don't hesitate to apply them. Also don't stress over it. If anything, you stressing over that will be negative. Just let them be how they want to be. Even if it shows similarities to the show or character that they're based off of.


2)First off, neither are "best". They've both got their pros and cons that vary from person to person. I say try a little of both. Symbolism forcing (which is technically visualization imo) AND parroting at the same time. Do what feels comfortable, regardless of what it is. Usually, what feels productive to you is what ultimately gets the job done.


3)Of course you can. But rarely will you ever have a reason to take an entire day off from your tulpa. Whether it's on the bus, while you eat, when you're taking a poo, you always have time to force. At least passively. Passive forcing is something you should near constantly be doing if you can help it. Keeping your thoughts focused on your tulpa for just a split second, or even do something for a little while and talk to them while you're working.


You can always take a day off naturally, but when it boils right down to it, it's something you should try to avoid. After all, one day could turn into two, or three, or a whole week, or even a whole month. Constantly passive force to combat that possibility. Even passive force during your break.


And no, you should be sorry. I gave up a whole 6 minutes of my busy busy schedule answering your questions. I want my six minutes of life back.

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