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Mass Leaving Thread


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But then we'll have to deal with fucking aqua man...

I miss cinemaphobe... Save for Melain, things have been pretty quiet recently. Let's hope we get some talkative new members to hype things up a bit.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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Guest Anonymous

@ Luminesce


Yep, I guess it would be the Tulpa Info Titanic, because Melian and I are not leaving either, ever. We tried that and it never lasts. I agree that there is a turn over of people and we wish would stay for ever sometimes need to move on. But, I don't see the forum dying either actually. I think there was a time, early on, when it may have been more active. But Tulpa Info is seasoned now. Things have changed, but not necessarily for the bad.

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Whenever the staff does anything about it, they're accused of making tulpa.info into a hugbox or a circlejerk.


At the risk of going off-topic, the staff should do things anyway. Stagnation is the worst fate imaginable, and that can't be be done without choosing an audience to some degree, and taking action in one way or another.


I've seen some efforts from the staff that will possibly lead to more improvements, which seems to be an exciting enough development. There will also be a new initiative where regular members can pitch in with their view on things. I'll be trying to help with that. I suppose that you can consider this a return post for me. Melian, David, let's be friends this time.

Feel free to ask me anything.

Suffering is self-imposed. Don't let it control you.

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Guest Anonymous

Yuki, I would like nothing better than being friends! That makes me so happy you have no idea. In return, I will do my utmost to be civil, and avoid making caustic and toxic statements that make everyone uncomfortable.

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Guest Anonymous

I am requesting a two month ban from the mods and admin. We permanently left the IRC chat and we are getting the ban enforced there. That and trying to clarify why Melian and I act the way we do was obviously not enough. We just need to leave for a while and have it be enforced this time. It also needs to be a good long while.


For what is it is worth, I wish we had done it all differently from the beginning.


EDIT: This is the last time we will ever write in this thread. Perhaps it was predictable, but our self ban lasted only about a week. We just can't do self bans. Actually hard bans, those we can do, because we have no choice.


Here it is. Some of you love Melian and I and some of you don't. I am okay with it if you don't. We are going to endure on this forum however and try to get along the best we can.

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Well, goodbye for a while Mistgod and Melian. Perhaps the community will give us someone who can also be as kind and energetic as you. Hopefully this will lead to you becoming better as a whole too.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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Where did everyone who used to post go? I've not exactly come on consistently, but I haven't seen any of the people I used to remember post for ages; Linkzelda, Kiahadaj, etc. Has everyone just been leaving lately?

game is hard

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Kiahdaj has retired from staff. Linkzelda is still around, I think, but posting much less frequently than before.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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I’ll be leaving the community for good. I tried my best to research actual philosophical discussions way into the past, and never mustered the courage to relate it to tulpas. And even when casually introducing it, I realized that it’s extremely difficult to put into context of those discussions that are way more intelligible in relation to this community. The excuse for incompetency of learning from a dictionary, and other red herrings for further developing the community has led me to a silver lining. The disgusting revolts of translators who cannot even think for themselves, and for the sake of what they want to do for the communities; along with being aware of the personal “cancers” people conceptualize in the past that deter them away from the forum had led me to develop my own deterrent.


If discussions of philosophy, science, etc. that are more complicated are not seen as decent enough for some expansion of knowledge, then there’s no hope for this community. I’m not placing myself as the one needing to be a catalyst in any of this, and have been mostly doing it for the sake of having fun with my tulpas. But now, I realized a silver lining in that it’s better to research more in the future with my tulpas, and other communities that I was inspired from based on their civil, intelligible discussions. My tulpas have always hinted their apathy and disgust for this community, but my militant, predisposed habit of positive reinforcement clouded my judgment, and I realized that they were right. They helped me get through many struggles, and this is one of them.


There were many people that I was inspired from in this community, but just to put a few:



[hidden] While others seemed to make you a personification of many negative things, I always saw you as the individual that forced me to use my brain for once, and really tackle the notions I held on tulpas, and to advance myself further in the journey. You were one of my greatest, friendly rivals, and I loved how you always stuck to your philosophy, even when others hated your very existence because of it. Your belief system was a wonderful contrast the community needed if they saw it in context of understanding that the tulpa concept can be just as much of a stalemate as any other thought-forms people have certain labels on. I quietly watched the nightmare you endured, and even though I wasn’t a complete fan of your inner workings in the forum, you still were a good opponent to casually talk things over. [/hidden]




[hidden] I look at previous posts before when you were more active, and always admired your boldness. The critiques you’ve made before, and the opinions you’ve stated towards me were the best I could ever have. I always saw you as the Richard Dawkins of tulpa.info, and grinding gears with you was really fun because I felt it really helped me cultivate a strive to be a better person, even when I was constantly struggling. There were moments where I felt we were both impatient with each other, but whenever there were moments where you persevered in conversation, I always respected you for it. You were the one that realized my shortcomings in communication, and I’ve learned to try and absorb those statements before. And when I did try, all I could ever see as a reciprocation from others is their inability, and lack of motivation to actually step into more intelligible discussions in other forums, and see if I was really a word-slinger. The communities I’ve lurked were more complicated than I ever could be, and I realized it was more of a struggle trying to put those learnings, along with personal research, into context of tulpas. I have a stronger conviction that there’s not going to be much progress in scholarly discussions for years to come.


You’re intelligent, and I always saw you as such, but I feel you undermined yourself maybe because you realized the brain drain of the community for the sake of compatibility with others. Seeing you post is like trying to catch a Ho-Oh, and I tried to capitalize on those moments of activity on your end.[/hidden]




[hidden]I always tried to imagine the struggle you went with your tulpa. I lurked in the other forum you’re active in, and came up with my own schemata of what you two thought about things. I would see you as the bully, the hero, and all sorts of roles. You were like Itachi who took so many blows because no one really read between the lines of the urgency you wanted to cultivate with others before. I can see why you gave up as well in this community. I may not have been perfect, and you along with waffles helped me realize the shortcomings I had with communicating with others, and I thank you for that. You were that needed opponent I really hated, but it wasn’t really hatred. It was a pain of not knowing you more, and stripping away ties with you. I cultivated un-needed resentment towards you because I questioned why you gave up.


Now I see you in a more positive light because of it. Everyone has their threshold, and I think I’ve reached mine.[/hidden]


Oguigi & Koomer

[hidden]If it weren’t for the guide these two made before, my interest in tulpas would have been lacking. Simply because I would’ve been content with lucid dreaming, and extracting experiential learning with dream characters for the sake of self-interest, knowledge, and such. The pain that these two went through, and the criticism they received with permanent switching inspired me to build a future with mine. They made me realize the unrealized potential of the inner peace that can be made if you just believed in yourself. And even in spite of the shortcoming with these two, they’re still an inspiration to me.[/hidden]




[hidden]You’re one of the most versatile individuals I’ve seen in this community, and your intelligence seems to be undermined. I guess maybe you just have to work out the personal life first, but I was always afraid to discuss things with you for some odd reason. I think I was more fascinated in your own approach to this phenomenon, and how you went on an inquisition hunt for knowledge just like anyone else would. I never felt the need to tempt you to discuss things with me, and others simply because I felt your own urgency spoke for itself. Thanks. [/hidden]






I never knew reading your guides, and being so interested in reading it in the dark while going on an inquisition for knowledge on tulpas would bring an inner joy of the potential I reveled in back then. You took ownership in wanting to believe in someone, and it became a bleeding effect of motivation for others. Even though you may be a scapegoat for things, considered to be outdated, and what have you, you had a clear objective, and made something of it. Thanks[/hidden]



There are others, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

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Guest Anonymous



Good luck to you and your tuppers, man.

I hope you have a good life, all of you. Wish Rina and I would've gotten the chance to get to know you better.


So... have a good one, man.

There are people here who enjoyed your posts.


I didn't know you well and I don't think we ever talked. But I still wish you the best. Your tulpae too.




AG & Rina

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