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Mass Leaving Thread


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Guest Anonymous

I have asked the admin to unregister my Mistgod account and my Yoda account.


Things suddenly turned on a dime today. I am sad about it. But I think my time here is done. I need to end it for good.


I am not a tupamancer. I am a dreamer. I need to go find other dreamers guys and not have to try and measure up all the time. Thank you so much for everything and putting up with me for so long. I will never forget what I learned here and the parts that were fun and positive. But the forum is going through some positive changes. I thought I was going to be a part of that by staying, right up until about three hours ago or so. Then BAM it just hit me that I have to go.


I am very grateful to many people, too many to list them all. Luminesce (especially, there are not enough words), NoneFromHell, jean-luc (thank you jean-luc so much), sushi, Paranoid-Llama, Pioneer11, TheCrawlingCreepyPasta, AGGuy, Brassow...


Good bye.


EDIT: Well the roller coaster ride never ends. I had the admin re-register the Mistgod account as of June 2016. So it was unregistered for six months. I never really left completely however. My Melian created her own account under Groovy-guru (later unregistered) and then she made another account under Glitterbutt. I am here to stay for good with this account. Mistgod is back!


Personally, I'm very glad Mistgod is gone. The site will finally go back to tulpa.info instead of mistgod.info.


Aww too bad. Guess what buddy? I never really actually left. Yeah I post a lot and pretty much own the place. "Mistgod.info" has a great ring to it.

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That’s a shame. You were one of the reasons the forum got livelier. I don’t know other forums that discuss imaginary friends, only the Living Library. It’s for characters that “come to life” from reading books or one own stories. A bit like Tulpas, of course, but perhaps over there things are different.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

[progress report]



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I don't know why people ask to have their accounts unregistered. Just abandon your account. You don't need to log in to it, and having posts grouped by the person posting them is good for organization.

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Goodbye, David. Godspeed with your future endeavors.


Ah, I'm too tired. I only came here to help.

« — Va, je ne te hais point ! »

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Guest Anonymous

Woah, wow.

Didn't see that coming at all...


Bye, David. You sure as heck were a complicated one and hard to deal with sometimes - but goddammit, that's why we loved you.

I hope you and Melian, no matter what she is to you, to herself or to anyone else, will reach what you both want in life.


Goodbye. You'll both be missed.




AG & Rina

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