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Images of your desktops

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This is Debian 7 and the Awesome window manager.


Please describe your desktop environment so we can avoid breaking the rule on reaction images.

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I just turned off my desktop icons temporarily to snap this. (Since I have about 10 private photo files just dumped on there)

I have all the system icons (Computer, Documents, Network, Control Panel, Recycle Bin) turned on, no program icons (that's what the start menu is for), and whatever I'm working on that I'm too lazy to file.


I have 4 virtual desktops with VirtuaWin and different wallpapers for each.

This is the currently active one (which I use when I'm wasting time).

My "work" "desktop" has a more plain wallpaper.


System: Windows 7

Custom Visual Style: Gizdom Reloaded Clear


Other Customisations: None - All that crap wastes system resources. (Even though I have a fast pc now, I'm just too used to my minimalistic layout by now.)

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My desktop (which I share with Kevin). Windows 7, and the original background is from DeviantArt. The background was selected to remind Kevin of his kind wife (who bought the laptop for him, from her own money she earned working).


I also used this wallpaper for a while :D


And there is mine. Link to wallpaper.

Yes, I'm the same madA as this one :-)

And sorry for my English, I'm not native English speaker.

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