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question about entities

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This is the first time I have heard of tulpas. It sounds really cool.


About 5 years ago I met four beings (within myself) that reflect different aspects of me. They come and go as they will. I did not consciously create them, I just needed them. I talk to them and give them food and things. I have been possessed once each by two of them although the manner of possession differed with each one.


Does this sound like a tulpa? Two other people have also talked/seen one of my friends. Could I use the tulpa creation method to strengthen my friends and would this process be any easier and faster since they have already existed for five years?

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Well, based on the limited information provided, sounds to me like the beginnings of tulpae for sure. Concerning your questions; you could definitely strengthen their being through turning them into fully fleshed-out tulpae, and it would be a bit easier (though I should say less hard, it's never easy) to do so since they've been around you for so long and you've already had that much interaction. In the case that you do decide to make them tulpae, happy forcing!

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Well, one question that is relevant to figure out what they are is in order. Did they start out strong enough to possess you or did they start out non-vocal and only gained abilities over time. If you created them or they started out with very minimal abilities, they are probably tulpas. If they just appeared and could do all those things, then it sounds like maybe you are multiple (they are what many call headmates). Regardless of what they are, interacting with them and tulpaforcing them will help them grow. Origins might mean different terms and different initial capabilities, but the differences sort of end there. I'm saying this as someone who has a headmate, one deliberate tulpa, and 4 natural tulpas.


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