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The Tulpa-Form How i Know?

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Srry if im Doing something Wrong and im not supposed to Open a Tread but Yeah... Also im Srry for my bad English.

So I started Recently Forcing My Tulpas Personality but i alredy Thougt of and Form to Visualize when im Forcing.


My Question now is: How do i Know if My Future Tulpa Like The Form or if shes Trying To change it?


I have problems wiht Focus so i dont know if The Form Changes are me thinking of other things or its she trying to Change it.


Also Before Going to bed Last night i Were thinking of her and Wished her a Good night, and out of nowhere i got the name Yumi in my Head Could it be that she Wants me to change her Name To Yumi? Because i cant Remember ever Heard of that name before so it was kinda Random when i got the Thougt.


Thanks For Reading this far and Srry again for my Bad English



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Guest amber5885

Your are fine with opening a thred, that's what its here for :) welcome! Btw.


Okay so as for your first question, I don't quite know what to tell you except that it is possible that she is trying to change her form. I would go with it and see if she sticks with something eventually but maybe someone else will have a better answer.


As for your second question. Yes. Odds are ver good that that was her letting you know her name. That's how it happened with toby and if I'm not mistaken many other tulpas chose their names in much the same way.


Good luck with your tulpa :)

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Sounds like it's just what Amber said, to be honest. I mean it could be stray thoughts, but if it is truly Yumi taking on form herself, you'll find that the things she keeps changing into continue to pop into your head. Or you might not be able to picture her in anything but the new form at all.


That's how it worked with Bud every time he deviated. I would try and picture him in the form he was last I saw, and I couldn't, then he would show me how he changed himself. It was all really neat.

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