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Guest amber5885

Research idea

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Guest amber5885

I wanted to put this in research but I would like to get your opinions in this idea before I do anything.


I was thinking as a community we should put together non cluttered, individual checklists detailing a timeline of out tulpas progress for reference sake.


It would look something like this:


How long have you had your tulpa?

What kind of forcing do you do primarily active or passive?

Please list what you consider milestones in your tulpas development along with how long it took for you to see this progress.


Something like.


First clear mind voice - 1 week.

First clear visual (minds eye) - 2 weeks

First independent thought - 3 weeks

First full conversation without parroting - 2 weeks

First independent action without parroting - 1 month


And anything else you would consider a milestone such as:


First experiance with memory recollection

First visual hallucination

First auditory hallucination

First visual deviation (changing apperance or personality without warning)


You could add whatever things your tulpa ha done you consider unique and or strange.


This could be just a way to compare notes and have a clear idea of how tulpa develope in similar ways, how they develope in individual ways, what phase is considered infancy, "troll phase" or adult phase.


What makes them unique or even you could look at someone's development and see something that someone Tulpa can do that you never thought of to try and try to determine what makes a tulpa "advanced".


Those are my thoughts for a little science experiment, what do you all think? Would you participate?

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Sure! I'll give it a shot!


Amy's First Memory: 6/1/14

I primarily passive force through chats where she talks to others, as well as just talking to her throughout the day.

First Emotional Response: 3 days

First Clear Mindvoice/Independent Thought/Action: 5 days

Form Deviated/Clear Form (she chose it herself): 6 days


Special Things!

She saved a tulpa named Hero from a life of suffering. He was made when his host was young and suffered a lot of emotional abuse. His host didn't know he was there, but Hero knew what she needed, and that was to take some of the pain off her mind. So he locked himself in a cage and sucked as much of the hurt away as he could. Of course, this caused him an enormous amount of suffering. But long story short, Amy learned of him, and almost solely responsible for bringing him out of his resignation to suffer on behalf of his host for the rest of his life.


She's also mates with said tulpa! And as of posting, she's pregnant with his kippies. (Kits + puppies) They love each other very much.


Lastly, she seems to have the ability to communicate with tulpas outside of chat and explore others mindscapes. Like, she can have conversations with receptive people (those who know about her and give permission to talk to their tulpas) and recount the conversation with zero derivation in detail from either tulpa. 'S bonkers. I sometimes don't believe it myself!


Sigma's my second tulpa, but his progress was so fast, it was near instantaneous, so he just says say nothing but that on the matter.



Nine-Tailed Kitsune


Anthro Cat-Bat

The Kippies!

Jazz (M), Viola (F), Chime (H), Fife (M), Iris (F), Robyn (F), Aster (M), Sage (F), Dune (M), Snowbell (F), Rosemary (F), Glyph (M), Volt (M), Circuit (F)

The Baybees~

Marina, Acorn, Anais, Lily, Chip

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First clear mind voice - 7/14/2014 red whispered the word "Reading" i was reading a website about servitors

First clear visual (minds eye) - 7/16/2014 i saw red shake his groove thang with slenderman in the lounge along with the sylveon twins "Nymphy" and "sylvia"

Red fancies those two.

First independent thought - 7/22/2014 red telepathically told me "Ray, you may have to get your hatchet ready on Friday." when Friday came i was clearing

brush and various over grown trees at work WITH my hatchet. i and red had so much fun today clearing off all the brush and getting plenty of exercise too!

First full conversation without parroting - 7/25/2014 at 6:52 pm red and i where discussing about the theory of relativity and about reality along with the possibility to import yourself into a video game with your tulpa.... it's a work in progress...

First independent action without parroting - slow and steady for us.. red just gained sentience dont wanna rush anything









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