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Ticklish Tickles?

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I've just been really wondering this for so long, it's really bugging me. I'm just really wondering a few things relating to the title, which is this...


Since, you know, tulpas can be somewhat able to take control over your body and all that, does that mean it's possible that they can tickle you...or maybe even make you more ticklish? And just saying that, I'll just throw out this question as well...can you be able to tickle them?


Don't ask me why I've been wondering this...I just have been really curious.

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Yeah, Noriko can and has tickled me before. It takes a fair degree of effort though so it's not often.


And I just tickled both of them too, the same way you would tickle a normal person.


EDIT: Also, Noriko is more ticklish on her sides, while Sabari is more so under her armpits. Just found that out by experimenting.

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Tulpas tickling hosts, either through possession or phantom sensations, is iffy. Works for some and not others, and sometimes but not other times.


Hosts tickling tulpas works, provided they're 'responding'. Sometimes if Lyra gets distracted and goes elsewhere or falls asleep, she'll still be there in our wonderland but just sort of frozen and not responding to anything unless I grab her attention or wake her up.

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