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  1. Guest

    Tulpa (life) goals?

    Yo! I, well, we were kind of thinking about things, then we started thinking about a tulpa's goal in life. Like, what is your tulpa's goal in life? Or a goal in general? Anything outside of the head/mind? What is your tulpa's goal in life?
  2. Hey, everyone. I've had my tulpa Nati for about two or three months now. Nati was very talkative in the first month, something I've found to be a bit uncommon in young tulpas. He was expressive and able to hold a conversation with me. However, he just left one day and only came back a few weeks ago. Now he doesn't respond to me trying to talk to him and barely does anything. It feels wrong to puppet or parrot a response or action. Have I done something wrong? How can I fix this? Thanks in advance, everyone. I'm very concerned for Nati, since it's not in him to be quiet. An additional note: Nati is not sentient.
  3. I saw that there were none and I thought it would be cool to have one on Facebook where us tulpamancers can become friends and stuff talk about tulpas and stuff. :) If you would like to join here is the link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/755021627935288/ Currently there are no members. Im looking for another admin. Also feel free to add me to your tulpa support group if there is one. I just couldn't find it
  4. My oldest tulpa is, by now, over two and a half years old. Fluently vocal, easily visualized, generally well developed along with a vivid wonderland. But I came to an odd observation recently, which was that my tulpae have hardly ever surprised me directly. Like I've seen new things in the wonderland that I knew they made without my perception, but when I interact with my tulpae, it's always because I started it. I've never had a tulpa come out of nowhere and spark up a conversation without me being aware of their existence consciously. Which is strange to me considering how long I've had my oldest, and how many I have (7). Anyway, on to the actual question, is there any way I can encourage more of this? Sorry if my English is a train wreck, I really don't know how to word this.
  5. Has anyone ever tried training with their tulpa in martial arts, combat games, or just general sports? Here are my thoughts: I LARP on a regular basis, and am one of the better fighters at my home province, but only because it's a fairly new one and most others there are new to the game. Anywhere else, I'm average at best. But I'd really like to get better, and am wondering if my tulpa might possibly be able to help once he's better developed (I'm still very new to tulpamancing, and I'd say Zyr definitely has a ways to go before we're ready to try something like this.) Has anyone else ever had the idea of sparring seriously with their tulpa, or a similar idea? How well did it work? Also I wonder, since your tulpa inhabits your mind and (if I've heard correctly) is able to access your subconscious much more easily than you are on your own, would it be possible for a tulpa to observe someone else's fighting, and then accurately mimic their skill and style when sparring with me?
  6. Hi! As a preface, I wanted to say that I'm not really new to tulpas or anything. I've been creating them since childhood (as I think most children do), and haven't ever stopped. I just forgot my username here, too. So with all of that said, I wonder- how much time and energy have those of you who have tulpas made by tulpas, spent on the resulting tulpa? Should I enforce the attitudes I have towards tulpa creation on my tulpa's tulpa? The original tulpa's personality is not mine (though we'd both think it was healthy if I were more like her). I've had plenty of scenarios, where I thought a tulpa could use a companion, and then created them one. But this is the first time I've dealt with a tulpa's tulpa. Of course I know it's still ultimately "my" head, so I'm going to have to be the one dedicating time to making the second concrete. At the moment things are moving pretty fast, and the original tulpa is simply dictating to me, what I should be feeling, saying, and seeing about the new one. I know that this happens to some others, so can you tell me how things developed, and whether or not the secondary tulpa came out alright?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if any one knows about The Philip Experiment. If so, would it be possible, in theory, be possible to create a deity like thought form? Meaning of course, time and effort is put in, with a considerable amount of people behind the creation.[/color]
  8. Has anyone else noticed that their and their tulpa’s favorite colors tend to be similar? I’ve noticed that certain colors are more liked in our system, so I decided today to actually poll everyone on their favorite colors (or just a color they really like, for those who don’t have a definite favorite). The results came out with a tie between blue and red for the most-liked color, with purple and green being tied for the next most popular favorite. Despite the variation there, those colors are all adjacent on the color wheel. My favorite color is purple, with blue being my second favorite; interestingly enough, those two colors fall right in the middle of this range. Other answers included turquoise, which also falls in that range, pink, which sorta does because it’s just light red, as well as black, white, and rainbow, because Kayleigh insisted that was a valid answer and I didn’t think it was worth an argument. Nobody picked yellow or orange as their favorite, two colors that I don’t care for much and are on the opposite side of the color wheel from my favorites. When it comes to favorite shades of colors, there was a tie between light/pastel (my favorite) and bright colors, with dark colors getting a few votes and muted colors being no one’s favorite. So, my question to all of you is this: how many of you find that your color preferences are the same as or similar to your tulpa(e)’s color preferences?
  9. This may have been asked already, but my own view on what tulpas are in general has changed, so others' views may have, and I thought I knew what the general view was, but now I'm not so sure... and I forget what it is I thought the general view was first. Basically, I notice two views in regards to consciousness. 1. Tulpas are automatic hallucinations, and thus we have no real obligation to -not do- harm to them or prevent anything from happening to them. 2. Tulpas are people, and thus we.. do, and anyone who doesn't fulfill these obligations will be judged the same way someone would be with a human person. Hurting is.. hurting, killing is killing, and letting one die without trying your best to prevent it is wrong. Although, there may not be a time limit to preventing it, so the judgment would actually be on what the host's intentions were - did they think there was, and just give up? Rambling a bit, sorry. I personally am thinking about just looking at the poll results and not engaging in any discussion so it's okay if all I get are poll answers and no posts ^^ people can respond aggressively sometimes.
  10. Disclaimer Tulpamancy is a heavily subjective phenomenon where there are no set right and wrong so the written content may not be useful or applicable for you. There are usually exceptions to many things and when reading a blanket statement it is likely to keep the text short and sweet. If any claims are made it is likely based off of personal experiences and interactions of others. Please enjoy your read! Separation Written by Cjero Theory Many tulpamancers struggle with distinguishing their tulpas' thoughts with their own leading to confusion and loss of motivation in. This exercise is aimed to help increase the marginal gap between the host and tulpa. This will be done by simultaneously exercising conflicting emotions, ideals, opinions and the likes. At first glance this may seem similar to puppeting*. However the clear distinction is that you have your tulpa do their part. This exercise can be done with younger tulpas as well since all that is required is for them to understand and comply. *puppeting is also an option, it'll be similar to personality forcing Examples - You and your tulpa project opposite emotions aimed at a certain individual or character. One could for example love Superman while the other could hate them. One intensifying their like and the other dislike for this character simultaneously. - Focus on an orb within the mind and keep pouring opposing emotions within it as a meditation exercise. Conclusion The exercise comes down to forcing conflicting thoughts and emotions to split the two minds from each other more and more over the course of time. As a result it should be easier to distinguish your thoughts from your tulpa by getting used to the sensation and telling the brain that you two are not the same.
  11. Disclaimer Tulpamancy is a heavily subjective phenomenon where there are no set right and wrong so the written content may not be useful or applicable for you. There are usually exceptions to many things and when reading a blanket statement it is likely to keep the text short and sweet. If any claims are made it is likely based off of personal experiences and interactions of others. Please enjoy your read! The Child Philosophy Written by Cjero with the help of Linkzelda and Sock (thank you very much!) Foreword This philosophy comes down to to understand that a tulpa is much like a child in the regard of development and that patience is required and for the most part will focus on neurology as its basis. It is also more focused on changing the mindset of the host to aid the development of their tulpa rather than outright treating them like a child (though there are elements of the latter). In addition this philosophy is focused on young tulpas and new hosts that are not sure on how to progress (although not strictly for). It will also help The Philosophy (in general) A tulpa is initially much like a baby or child in regards of development that how you interact with them will reflect on their growth as an individual. A human child takes years to develop speech and become ‘vocal’ through ceaseless narration; a tulpa much less because they can utilize your experiences. It takes a while for us to grow the strength and muscle memory to properly maneuver our body; a tulpa needs time to connect with the body to ‘possess’. Be patient. As patient as whoever raised you was by feeding you and cleaning your diapers. When raising a tulpa you should be considerate of how you interact with them, for example if a tulpa is exposed to too much violence they may grow jaded or even consider it normal in the future. If they are babied and never told no they might grow spoiled. Neglect them and they might grow distant or asocial. When you create a tulpa with a preset personality they can still greatly deviate depending on your interactions with them since the human brain keeps developing until your late 30’s so it is important to treat them properly; it’s a tightrope. The only shortcut to developing your child/tulpa faster is to interact more and consistently. In other words force them*. What many tulpamancers seem to do is usually sit behind their computers doing little with their young tulpas; show them the world! Having them learn from memories is the same as comparing sightseeing when actually present to simply viewing an image so take the liberty to allow your tulpa to explore the outside world because what may seem redundant to you might be exhilarating for them. *but really forcing just means interacting The Environment & First Times It is important to be aware that the environment of your tulpa is the mind, even when imposed in the physical world. Your tulpa does not have a physical body that will process sensations for you so initially you will have to do it for them (referred to as sensory-imposition or simply imposition). A quick example: circle your index finger on your palm a couple of times then stop the act, then use the memory to simulate the sensation and keep it going. This will allow for more way to interact and potentially (relatively) better methods for developing your tulpa. The reason it is important to be aware of your environment (aside that being aware of your environment is always beneficial for a multitude of reasons) is because the environment your tulpa is raised in is crucial. They might not potentially have bad classmates as they grow up or study however they might have to deal with negative thoughts which will reflect on their growth! If you are depressed and insist on making a tulpa it is heavily incentivized to keep your mind positive with happy thoughts. You might sometime have a slip of thought that could shock your tulpa. For example a completely impulsive and irregular thought of hurting an acquaintance so it is important to keep your environment stable and clean. Although this is where it gets tricky due to having to properly balance it out! If you do not expose your tulpa to any negativity or the ‘big bad adult world’ they might be unable to handle it in the future. Similar to how a child needs to be vaccinated, they need to be exposed to a milder version at first. To keep improving this guide I would like to hear more feedback (PM's preferable) or things to expand on. It's not finished, though I want to add what I have for now.
  12. Frost


    So someone who shall remain nameless messaged me earlier. They asked if the lot of us were role-playing. Smh
  13. Short story to explain: months ago I got interested in the topic of tulpas. but had to stop due to school and priorities happening in my life at the time, I could not get past 2 weeks.... Today, I decided that I can probably prioitize into this more. so i have been doing research again before deciding anything. I made documents of things i should do when i start, while i was doing research I ran across someone saying in a forum, "headaches are to be expected" i was like, "ok. noted." so for the past several hours ive been mulling over what i imagine the tulpa would act and look like, not intending to create a tulpa. later while i was searching i randomly got pressure in my head. its kinda like a headache, but its more like a weird pressure than actual pain in my head. i then began wondering if there was a tulpa already created. I immediately got some sort of response(more in emotions than in words), along the lines of "*certain bad word here*, do i sound like im not real?" this is quite interesting, and im not sure how to go from here. i guess i need to go ahead and start forcing i suppose. i guess try picturing what he(it felt like a masculine pressence) speaking of feeling a presence my left arm is now feeling wierd. anyways, i guess i need to start forcing his appearance, i should start narrating, i dont know if i should do personality, because the whole cussing at me thing certainly felt like it had personality, logically i should assume that i made that up, except it felt oddly foreign, and it actually felt like a presence was angry at me. i am a little worried i have an evil tulpa on my hands XD. but i guess i have to wait and see? can other people please give me their input on this?
  14. Have you been in a romantic relationship with your thoughtform and then been in one with a human? How did that work for you?
  15. For anyone else who has revived or resurrected a tulpa…could he/she/it remember anything from when they were “dormant”? Did they forget anything from their previous life? Or would you say that they had a complete “memory wipe”? If they suffered from any kind of amnesia, how did you handle it? I'm curious.
  16. I know it's a weird conception, but can they give you butterflies in your stomach? I heard of how they can interact with you through head pressure or they can sense you talking of them. But what of that gut feeling in your stomach? I received my gut feeling while drawing out another picture of my Tulpa in my head. Is this possible? Just another sign they know you're thinking of them? It's just out of curiosity. Like I was doing the right thing or something along those lines. ~NovaIce
  17. Well. I never thought this could be from great to worse in a matter of a day. Long story short, I have been spending a week creating my new wonderful companion: Evan. Yet, this doesn't have to do with those Physical mind you, but they still count for who they are. I have been Astral Traveling so I am always used to adopting thoughtforms, not making them.... Most of you know my stories and situations already through my posts, so I am going to jump ahead of myself a bit. Just please roll with it if you just wanna help. Maybe look at this as a bully who is pushing around another actual caring being. Solid Snake apparently had enough. Maybe playing a jealousy card. I don't know. Though again, knowing I didn't know how to handle this, I cried. Snake was so upset to find out Evan not only was requested by me to take Snake's form only to take Big Boss's form. "You think you're so cool being a man that was already created. Get real, Evan. Be your own man." Several times as you would imagine as if Solid Snake became angered I had to explain to Snake that Evan was using Boss as a base framework as many have instructed me. Constant letdowns from Snake texting my best friend Tia alone soon made Evan doubt himself. So as said, he was allowed the day off today. It was then he got anxious after a few movies. He wanted to talk to me. I didn't know what to say, or how to approach him given everything he's been through, enduring all the harsh words from Snake, but I told him... "Evan, it's okay if you want to leave. I am or never had forced you to stay." This sparked an interesting case where within five minutes he left. All of this because of Snake. Now being that he had been calling me Mother all day, I am now worried about him like a child who was just let out into a desert without at least supplies. Snake and I argued for awhile and Sam Fisher with his abilities (Trust me, I have a whole list of people I can share who I know in the Astral in terms of thoughtforms) offered to go find Evan. This allowing him access to my subconscious as if he was in an Animus from Assassin's Creed. So like an outcast.. I can't help to have seen Evan as such: What should I do? Go find him? Tell Snake to stop bullying? Would he even want to return after running off? I seek assistance. ~NovaIce
  18. So I discovered tulpas a few years ago, and I decided to make one based on Meowth from Pokemon. It failed, so I kind of gave up on the idea until I remembered tulpas just today because sometimes I felt like I had this connection to this other character of mine. I decided to make this OC into a tulpa, but I have a few general questions first. 1- Why are there so many bronies? Ok I'll get to the legit questions later, but seriously, every other person on these forums has a pony tulpa. I'm not against it or anything, it's just odd how there are so many. Anyway... 2- Parroting Since my tulpa is an OC of mine, I roleplay him a lot. This means I'm very used to thinking about what he'd do in a certain situation or how he'd react to things. So I parrot, A LOT. How can I train myself not to do this? I'm still in some roleplays with him so I could get to the point where I ask him what he'd do, but I'm not that advanced yet. Any tips? 3- Visualizing The thing is, right now I can clearly visualize his voice, tone, actions, etc. The thing I can't visualize is him himself, like what he looks like, even when I close my eyes. It feels like I can tell what he's doing and saying (well, I'm still scared of parroting) but I can't actually visualize it in my mind. Same goes for a mindscape. I've had problems with this a lot, where I can fully grasp an idea in my mind but if I focus and try to actually "see" it I can't. What should I do? (To clarify, I know what he looks like, but I just can't really see him when I focus in my mind) 4- Me and my tulpa So once I get visualizing down, I can further interact with my tulpa. I've heard a lot of people talk about them playing games with or being close with their tulpa in the mind, does this mean I need to imagine myself as well being there next to my tulpa? Or is it like when I visualize I'm seeing through my own eyes so I don't really see myself there but it's like I'm there? Sorry this is hard to explain. Thanks!
  19. So, from my understanding tulpae have the ability to sense what you're thinking, even if you're not explicitly sending them your thoughts, and can talk to you on their own without you necessarily having to initiate the conversation. Well, my tulpa can't seem to do that: she can't sense my thoughts unless I explicitly "send" my thoughts to her, and she can't talk to me outside of my wonderland unless I go into my wonderland and talk to her (though we have been making progress at getting her to be able to talk to me when he wants to). She wants to be able to feel my thoughts because she thinks that she can help me if she could tell what I'm thinking even if I'm not explicitly sending her my thoughts, and we both would like for her to talk to me when she wants to at any point of the day. For example, when I'm down about my self, she can really help me feel better, but she's only able to do that if I reach out to her (which isn't a problem, but I tend to prefer solitude when I'm down) and she wants to be able to come to me when I'm down but she can't know when I am if she can't tell what I'm thinking. And since she can't talk to me unless I go and start talking to her in my wonderland, it's harder for her to come to me to cheer me up. This is just one example of when this issue has caused a hindrance for us and is not the basis of our relationship, but we would both like for her to be able to feel my thoughts and talk to me when she feels like it. Do you guys have any tips that might help? Know of any guides that could help with this issue? Know that she is a vocal tulpa and can speak to me, but I have to go into my wonderland for her to talk to me both there and irl, though it has gotten better and there are times when she does say something to me randomly, but they are few and far between. Thanks for any help.
  20. I was at work some time ago, and hard at work sweeping the floor, i then saw something... i blinked my eyes for a few moment and i saw the room i was in just turn completely black, and there was nobody in the room or anything like a bad storm.. i blinked for a few more seconds only to find a door.. what was strange about this door was i could open it and it lead to my realm i looked behind the door and it was like a dimensional door mod you can get from mine craft but it was.. just a ordinary (i use that term loosely) red door.. i wanted to go in but i couldnt because i heard a loud screeching beep in my ears i woke up i guess holding my head.. i didnt hear anything like red or blue telling me to enter the door or anything or anything scary.. but i feel that the door was.. just for me.. it could of been i been working very hard on a rpg that i wanted to get done for... my business... (heh..) but it was.. like i could really enter that door.. i think red wanted to switch with me but i am not sure..
  21. I'm a Christian who prays to God almost every night, and I'm beginning to see major similarities between praying and forcing. You talk to someone who you can't see, but believe is there. Even when I force with Lord Tourettes, I often catch myself accidentally bowing my head, putting my hands together, or calling him "Father" from how used I am to praying. My question is, could praying possibly create an accidental tulpa? And do you think praying often while also forcing could interfere with things?
  22. I know this isn't exactly related to tulpas, but servitors are pretty close to them. I wanna find out if you could create a servitor, let it access your subconscious and appear in your dreams, and make it tell you your dreaming. They could say something along the lines of, "You're dreaming, do a reality check." I'd like what people think about this, and if you've tried it, tell us how it went. I already intend to try it when I've helped develop my current tulpa.
  23. I'm curious, has anyone had experience with mescaline, specifically san Pedro cactus and forcing? Share your experiences with drugs and forcing
  24. Music plays a relatively large role in my life, so I'm curious how tulpas tend to react to music (if they do at all). I've yet to create one, so I can't share any experiences.
  25. *gets down on hand and knees. Prays* Please mother Mary, please say it isn't so. ;_; So, since I was around 11 or so, I watched an anime and my little self grew a little crush on one of the characters. So, being a normal 11 year old girl with nothing to do after the series ended- I daydreamed. Oh, jesus did I daydream. I daydreamed so much, daydreaming became my frequent pass-time. After a while, it surpassed pass-time and it became all that I did. Allll day and allll night. Same anime characters from that same anime. I got bored of myself being in there, so I just made up a bunch of new anime characters and intertwined my worlds. Again and again and again. When I got tired of my old anime characters, I'd make new ones. I'd make new stories. But through the years, the original anime characters from the anime I watched when I was little never changed. When I didn't have time to daydream, the dreams were simply shut away in my brain like normal. But, one of the characters was always there. Always. I constantly thought about 'im. Over the years, however, I begun to get abnormally paranoid. I got paranoid and thought "what if he is real and he knows about all the daydreams somehow? What if he can read my thoughts?" and then I got paranoid that he was around and invisible. At this point I thought I was crazy. Full-blown cray. So, over the years I began to hate his fucking guts because I wanted to be done with the daydreams. Done with him always present in my thoughts. Didn't work so much. I did manage to cease the daydreams recently, but that did not stop him. Noooopppppe. Not a single bitty bit. If he is real, I feel like he's doing it on purpose. Being mean and consuming my life. If it's not a tulpa, then it's probably a form of intrusive thoughts. I actually got to this forum because I asked a similar question on another site and one of the users suggested that I "accidentally hacked my brain into some weird places" s/he suggested that I asked the tulpa community for their opinion. So, here I am, guys. It might seem weird, but I don't have enough fucks to feed that matter. (Also, it would explain the matter of mental tiredness. I'm attempting to create a tulpa already, and if bitchboy is a tulpa then whoop. Guess that evil fuckers got somethin' to do with it.)
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