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Found 24 results

  1. Okay so. I started creating my tulpa...around 2 days ago. Here is what I've got so far. 1. His form will be a Siberian Tiger 2. He is male 3. His personality is: calm, reassuring, and loving...though once he becomes vocal he can add to that. 4. His name (temporarily) will be Ignis, and i will let him change it if he wants. 5. His design: His eye color is a greenish yellow, he has a long tail and short legs, and his pelt color is a soft orange. His special trait is a heart stripe on his right cheek. Is this all pretty good? Do I need to add to it? Is his personali
  2. I had written this note for those who find themselves struggling with procrastination or general lack of motivation when it comes to active forcing and 'mancing practices in general. Not sure what section this should go under, but I myself wouldn't consider it to be a guide hence why I named it the way I did. Critique on this piece is very welcome! I suspect I might've written it with a slightly too confident of an attitude. Same for grammar. I kinda suck at constructing fluently sounding sentences and using commas, haha. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ssfwHz_neK4J2DNWU3_yA-vy7kHkHjnKtF
  3. Hello. First of all, I'd like to apologize if this question has already been answered, I'm a little bit panicked right now. I discovered Tulpamancy and this website in 2016 and I lurked here constantly, though never interacted with anyone because I was extremely reclusive. I ended up sitting down and putting forth my best effort to create a Tulpa and a Wonderland. It worked. For the first time in my life I had a friend, and I'd never been happier. But then our Wonderland went foul, I guess we could say. It was hostile. I saw things that were truly horrific. I was terrified, but my relationship
  4. Hi, I am having some trouble with visualization. The thing is, I don't think my visualization is that bad, but I am having a ton of trouble actually focusing on that visualization instead of the back of my eyelids. I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion of what I can do, like I said I don't even think my visualization is bad but I just have a lot of trouble concentrate on it.
  5. How does one integrate with another willing tulpa? We have multiple wanting to "merge" but- It seems too complicated. Can someone walk us through the steps?
  6. [Bear] I want to try to describe how we figured we handle dormancy of other headmates to allow someone to front without distractions. A lot of talk in the community occured regarding "front-stuck" hosts and other interruptions by headmates and my opinion of that is that if you think your other headmate is still there, then the new fronter may interpret reactions and other stray thoughts as theirs when in fact they may very well be a mixture of conditioned responses and intrusive thoughts. This topic isn't about that in particular, that's just an example connection. This
  7. Well, I've lurked, and I've lurked, and then I've lurked some more. I've read pretty much every guide there is. But now it's time to actually get to work Problem is... Well, you see, I'm lazy. Like, really really lazy. I also have a habit of hesitating and second guessing myself. I can also get a little distracted. Sometimes. So, I'm starting this little journal here. I'll try to add a post here periodically, even if it is relatively short. At least in the beginning. Cultivating this small habit will hopefully force a little discipline. Typing it all out will hopefully
  8. Earlier this week was having a lot of head pressure due to extended periods of visualizing, so as the pressures became annoying and persistent enough, I thought I should address it. I've noticed before that my head pressures are related to the way I was flexing my tongue muscles really hard and pressing it against my palate inadvertently. I have tried many times visualizing without doing this and, it works momentarily but whenever I stop paying attention to my tongue, there it goes again pressing my palate really hard once I start to concentrate into the visualization. I only notice
  9. Hello. I'm currently on four antidepressants, an antipsychotic, and an anticonvulsant for depression and anxiety. I don't believe I need them anymore. I've recently begun my tulpamancy journey and I'm worried that my meds will hinder my progress. Would you advise reducing or stopping my meds altogether?
  10. Hi! I'm Corrin. Im 16. My tulpas name is Oni and he's 17. I've only created him a month ago. So far he can communicate through emotions but thats all. I have a hard time visualizing so we arnt even really working on that quite yet but I have drawn him. Lately with school I've been really distracted and stressed so I haven't been remembering to narrate. I've also been having trouble even knowing what to say. I've set a reminder to show every 2 hours to remind me to talk to him so we'll see how that works. When we talk as a response he gives me an emotion but its really just a warm feeling in my
  11. Hello everyone! I'm Renée and I'm from the UK. I found out about tulpas on Tuesday 2nd November and since then have been reading a lot about tulpamancy and creation. The past two days have been my journey to forming my tulpa named Marla. I've been narrating to her and trying to visualise her in my wonderland. Most of it has been passive forcing as I haven't had much time to sit down and solely focus on her. (I really want to though.) Last night (4th Nov) I wrote down 10 personality traits and about 3-4 likes and dislikes. However I know these may change overtime. It's a littl
  12. This is a place for all levels of meditators to come in and share their experiences! This is also a place you could get help if you have questions. It should be noted that all information should be taken with a grain of salt if not provided my a practicing professional. You all can share techniques, what positions you use, what your goals in meditation are, or just about anything! I'll start my thread describing a metta meditation, also known as a loving kindness meditation. It has been the primarily way I have forced Rena as of late. I spent the f
  13. Terminology: "You/you're" is everyone in your system fronting or not as an encapsulated whole, and singlets can also benefit from this technique. "Body/Mind" is akin to Body OS "I" is me and my system as a whole. Association to Body Take a deep breath. You just associated to your lungs. Prior to that moment, you most likely weren't. Your lungs are autonomic but you can also control them. The body, every part of it including the mind, is similar. Have you ever gone on a walk, and while deep in thought, took a wrong turn? Similarly, while driving? Have you e
  14. Hello everyone, It has been several weeks since I last posted here. So far, from my experience, I have summoned two tulpas with quite an array of events that came about it. I want to start out with how to recuperate stressful situations with my tulpas. First off, I went to a hospital and the experience had traumatised me. My tulpas did not understand how to really interact ( I do not know how to elaborate- I taught them how to lie at that point, and from prior posts you can see there some events that also broke me), it was really an visit where they did a sleep study. The hospital di
  15. So I'm not new to tulpamancy. I have had tulpa ever since I was 6 years old- so approximately 14 years. I've loved and cherished them all this time, and only found out last year what they truly were. Or so I thought. I want to run how my tulpa operate past other people and get their opinions- are they really tulpa? I have been doing research into Daemons, Soulbonders, wonderlands, and many other topics, and it strongly has me rethinking everything. To start off, albeit that I am not new to the concept, I seem to not have much practice. When I read about tulpa, I read about fronting, takin
  16. this is basically the endgoal for me switching out, i want to be able to experience the headspace while someone else fronts in meatspace. im just wondering if there any any guides out there for this process, if anyone has done it or if its even possible to do
  17. (originally posted on /r/tulpas) We finished our second vipassana course recently, and I have a few practical advice for you to share. We compiled those based on personal experience, as well as based on many discussions with our teacher, who was extremely helpful and open to tulpa phenomenon. If you are curious about my notes from a year ago, here's an old post. (Note from GAT: While the page linked is clean/SFW, other pages/articles on Shinyuu's blog are not. Tread carefully if you are at work/school or are a minor.) Why tulpamancers need vipassana
  18. Meditation (Second Revision) To begin with I would like to say that I am not an experienced "tulpamancer" like a lot of you but I have been lurking and using all the guides here and I wanted to give something back. I have been Meditating for years now. I have a BSc in psychology and I studied for 6 months under a monk in Bangkok Thailand who is very renowned for his techniques in meditation and I have taught many people and now I would like to share what I learned but only the points that I think useful to a "tulpamancer". I have been using my techniques for
  19. A common problem of early tulpa creation is a lack of focus on the part of the host. This may be because he/she may have an attention deficit disorder, are overly-creative (not always a negative thing), or for other reasons not specified. Nonetheless, this guide describes how you can increase your focus and synchronicity with your tulpa(s) through the magic of classical conditioning. [This isn't really so much a guide as it is tips, but I'm sure some of you may find it helpful.] So before we start the method, you need to know how it works. This method uses Classical Conditioning, which
  20. Hey I have a useful technique for those that sometimes feel like the doubts they're having will negatively affect their tulpa. This technique will also help with distracting thoughts during meditation/LD's/Kundalini stuff. Note: You do not have to go through the whole process that I narrate, this is more of a guideline to help you find the exact "muscle" used when forming thoughts, and allow you to manipulate it. A major problem/stumbling block that people run into when trying to create a tulpa, is doubt (What if my tulpa can't really talk? Am I just insane? My tulpa doesn't really e
  21. I went to the library the other day and picked up a meditation book. I tried mediating and it really helped me with focusing on my tulpa and begin in an appropriate state to work on her. Also I started reading the visualization chapter and found a few exercises which looked quite good. When people like FAQ_man said that you don't need to meditate to tulpaforce, I don't think that means that people shouldn't. It may be the case that people don't need to meditate but I think it would be more beneficial if they did. Even outside of tulpaforcing, it can help with different types of problems
  22. There are complaints lately about people not being able to hold their focus while forcing for very long. Their train of thought just sort of drifts away from forcing after some amount of time, or they get restless. What I've found helps with this is taking short breaks while forcing, and modify it to your limits. For example, if you can't do much more than 30 minutes at a time, go for 30, take a 5 minute break (go walk around a bit, get a drink or some such), and then go back to forcing. If you can't do much more than a hour, then go for an hour and once again take a break, maybe about 10
  23. Guest

    Stress relief for forcing

    This guide is for releasing stress or other things that might be distracting you from concentrating, such as in preparation for forcing. The symbolism I use can be substituted for whatever you want, this is merely my method. To start, form a fist. Focus on the stress is your body and find where it is residing and imagine it as pooling boiling water. Let the water flow through through your body until it reaches your fist. Let is accumulate and compress and coil around in your fist until you feel it is all there. Then, slowly open your fist and let the water drain out of your hand as if you h
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