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Mental Illness and Tulpamancy-Survey Included; Please Take!


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Guest fordaplot

Oh, cool!

I'm still going to post my results if that's okay?


I think we all would love to see the results regardless of any scientific missteps within the survey :)

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I just threw my response in as well! This was interesting.

Unfathomable. You know, without fathom.

[align=center]I'mma build you from the ground

Til you're higher then the clouds

I can see it in your soul

If you only knew your worth

The kinda love that you deserve

Every piece of you makes me whole[/align]


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Is this, and other surveys, here at tulpa info simply personal curiosity or academically and or professionally driven? If it's personal curiosity, I guess I am even more curious into the nature of the average participant using a methodology beyond direct observation to cultivate understanding... Not a bad thing, but given the number of surveys, it seems like another unique quality of tulpa-hosts in general. If it's either of the latter, then I am curious what is it about this group that draws a study, as there are lots of interesting groups available, unless, again, there is something unique among the tulpa-host that makes exploring data more interesting...


and then there is the mental health component, that seems to have a higher predominance in terms of discussion points, which may or may not mean what people think it means. Is there a higher prevalence of MH issues, past or present? Well, there has been an argument made that people who go into the mental health field as counselors and such went into the field wanting to learn how to fix their own problems, and if that's true, one would expect a higher prevalence of MH issues among the helpers helping those who need help, but you don't really hear about those studies., which means, looking to this group for evidence of higher incidents of MH past or present reveals a bias that people who engage in creating tulpas are more disposed to MH issues or social issues or both, as opposed to just being human.

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