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Ah, I'm beginning to see now. Because you're right, there's more than just the words that are said, there's some emotion behind it, as well as thoughts, so you have to sort of compile it all together. Proxying implies that it's just words, but you really do feel the emotion, meaning, and passion behind each word that is said. And yeah, it is nice to see that we aren't the only ones that talk like this.


Yesh. That is why we call it channeling or method acting, instead of proxy typing. Proxy sounds off for some reason or just not quite descriptive enough. Proxy sounds like you take the place of your thoughtform or sort of stand in for them. That is inaccurate for us as it is much more of a collaborative blending.


Lately we've also been exploring some other plural communities as well. It was Al's birthday on September 29th, and I wanted to know more about plurality and whatnot since I knew there were other forms besides tulpas, so I treated ourselves to some knowledge. I've been gathering some info on how other systems seem to function and it's absolutely fascinating. Has it given us any answers? Not really, just more questions, but it's still amazing to know that there are other things out there.


Yeppers. We keep telling peoples not to limit themselves to just this forum, or even just tulpas for that matter. The danger is that if we don't explore the concept of thoughtforms further beyond the tulpa community, rigid ideologies begin to take root. Then there is peer pressure to conform to those rigid ideologies.


Also, as before, it's been extremely intriguing to talk with the two of you! Melian, though you are goofy as all hell, you still provide some great insight on things (though I guess I'm not really that much different, I just don't really let it out besides to Julian).


Thank you so much Al! We totally feel the same way bout you and Julian!


OH I have been trying to get tulpas to express themselves more since I have been here. I had the original inspiration for Tulpa Week back in August, though I got my own butt banned for three weeks just as it was scheduled. Ooops.

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