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Hidden Memories? Have your tulpas ever remembered things you had forgotten?

Guest Anonymous

Have your tulpas helped you remember things you had forgotten?  

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  1. 1. Have your tulpas helped you remember things you had forgotten?

    • Yes, it has happened.
    • No, this has never happened.
    • Maybe, but it may have been a trick of my mind.

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Fade: We have a "pool" of memories collected in the Canvas in our mindscape, but our experiences are separate otherwise. There's been lots of times when someone else has remembered something another has forgotten and helped out. Or didn't help out, and gloated.

(Olive, Troy, Eury, I'm lookin' at you.)


Anyway. If I've forgotten a word, Troy usually fills me in.

A queer soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences.

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Guest Anonymous

Rina and I have completely "separate heads".

I don't know what she's thinking, and she doesn't know what I'm thinking.

So, no, we can't access each other's memories.


I mean - she says she knows how she can access mine; she doesn't do it, though.

And I don't know how I'd access hers to begin with.





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