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In our head, I'm singing along to lyrics to

"So I sat in the attic, a piano up my nose, and the wind played a dreadful cantata."

Piano: Oh no... oh... no.... oh NO!

Apollo: Well, you live in Lyra's brain, so technically you are really far up her nose.

Me: What's wrong, Piano? Don't like this song?

Piano: No I do not. Please never listen to it around me again.

Me: I am going to listen to it more often now.

Piano: I want a name change.

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We're in a random conversation and we end up talking about how I've been sleeping late lately


Me: The only reason I don't like sleeping is because it's time spent away from you~~


Sceena: k, well if you could put those "smooth lips" of yours into doing something useful you could've gotten far by now



Me: DAMN roasted c'mon Sceena don't do that to me



Sceena: that might've been a bit uncalled for


Me: it was good though, you know me so well 


Sceena: :^)


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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K: *Calls a host and tulpa we know cute*

C: Hey, I'm the cute one here!

[hidden]Kelly (K: )

Sam (S: )

Clara (C: )

Jessi (Jess: )

Eva (E: )

Jackie (Jack: )

Jade (Jade: )

Destiny (D : or Desti: )

 Altru (A: )


Mute (M: )




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So, a week ago I was doing homework and talking with Sarah


Me: Well, this is really boring

Sarah: You have to study, other people can't study for you, like me, I can't study for you

Me: Wait, YOU can V:

Sarah: I can, but I don't want to, so you better continue studying V:


We both laughed for the next 5 minutes and have to stop because I was all seriously studying and I suddenly start laughing to the point of almost cry xD

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Yesterday, Aerys blurted out "But I have no aaaaarrrmmmmsss!" during a conversation on the Tulpa Chat discord. Cant remember the context though.

The FINALE System


Current Members:

Pexium, Alysa (formerly known as Aphelion), Misaka, Aerys


Somewhere in the wonderland but alive and well:



Dead?/Missing?/In Stasis?:

Omni, Amelia





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Me: *Thinks about writing down everything I observe in a notebook, and the consequences of doing that*


Ray: Yeah, constantly writing down everything you observe and searching for logical fallacies would make you want to organize your surroundings so it would be easier.

Heaven if you sent us down

So we could build a playground

For the sinners,

To play as saints.

You'd be so proud

Of what we made.

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I was walking to the freezer, and Tulpa said, "No, I want to make pizza". So I said okay and walked off.

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Context- this happened a week ago while hostie wasn't paying attention.


So Claude was mentioning how he wanted to make some tea. Michael in turn said it was his job to make the tea, since he's the cook of the system, y'know.


So Claude, that brave motherfucker, says: "Well maybe I'm gonna take your job. I'm gonna be the fancy, crossdressing fairy that does all the baking and gay antics."


So Michael, y'know. Guy gets this smile on his face, walks over and just says, "Claude... I didn't put you in this system, and I love you... But I can throw you out of it. Just try me."


Claude hasn't threatened since. And that's why ya don't fuck with fairies. They'll really come to fuck with ya.

If I had a nickel for every time someone called me gay... It'd go to my host because I don't care enough to collect it.

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(Wow. These are the best thoughts I've ever read. But watch out, my subconscious is a rabbit hole.)


Me: I should rule the internet.

Isa: Then where would my memes go?

Me: Down the drain.

Isa: The internet has a drain?

Me: Yes and it leads to the dungeon, where the anti-privacy jerks are held. They can see shitposts all day long~

Tethys: Host

Isabella (Separate Account)


"Welcome to my mind, welcome to the bottom of the rabbit hole."

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