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Onion Layer for Personality Forcing


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It's better than what it was, but still feels incomplete.


@DuckLord: In addition to finishing off the parts you need work on, I want to see:


--Some basic spelling and grammar improvements. (ask if you need help here)


--I need to understand your charts to use them. I simply cannot approve until you make this easy to understand, one way or another. (ask if you need help here)


The second point may resolve itself with some grammar fixes. For example, the use of the word understandal is wrong. Once in the text you describe it numbering from top to bottom. Once from bottom to top. THIS IS CONFUSING. The lines must necessarily mean nothing. One assumes the purpose of the chart is to put text in the spaces between the lines.


I still need examples. Consider adding numbers to the lines so people can see the order you are using. Clarify, possibly by fixing grammar, that the bottom contains core features and the top contains surface features of the personality.


WHY TRIANGLES? You say that it is just because you like triangles. But keep in mind, you now have an inside and an outside of each triangle, and you don't give any instructions for what goes inside and what goes outside.


Part two is a mess of non-understandable instructions. You will need to rewrite, clearly explaining first, what each shape means, then, how the shapes are connected to each other. There is a story here. Example is required. You say you are really visual. An image diagram of what it all means is probably a really great idea. Use arrows and simple words.


However, I suspect the reason that part two comes off as messy is there is no rhyme or reason to the organisation of the shapes. No pattern or logic. It just looks pretty. In this case, how is this a useful tool for building a tulpa personality?


please make sure the charts are sized properly for the text that will eventually go in them. I asked you to do this in fewer words in my last comment. I suggest cutting the external part in half because those shapes are really small when printed out.



The example you got is good. I rate it 5/10 needs work. use [/img] tags to embed example. Use larger text for readability.


I suggest focusing in on the important details, to make a more streamlined guide. For example, if the important part is creating a picture of the personality, not a specific organisation, then say that you should create a picture, not a specific organisation.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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While this seems like a good template for putting together your tulpa's personality in a specific way, I don't know if it would actually work with reinforcing a tulpa's core sense of self over time. Is the point that you're meant to memorize the template which would then force a personality while having something to refer to?


Attaching very specific meanings to all the different lines strikes me as having an issue that symbolism can have in general. I could make a template out of cheeto dust and ascribe meaning to different lines in that. The level of specificity you have going on here doesn't seem helpful for anyone that isn't too lazy to just do their own thing.


You've still got some spelling mistakes kicking around too. The word you're looking for is symbolism, and somewhere lower you've misspelled the word impressions.


Grammar-wise, starting off a sentence with "Well" is unnecessary.


Also this:


The first one, the one on the left, is the most easy and rapid one but it doesn't compare to the complexity and explaining of the second one, this one is best used for users who want the brain to fill in the gaps and take less time.  Here you'll only be explaining the trait, the motivations and how both impact the personality, if you want to expand to the origin the sinergies between traits and reactions to situations and emotions you can go to the second variation( the second one is more lengthy) .



The repeated use of the word "one" here instead of the actual nouns you're looking for (template? diagram?) makes this really clunky and hard to read. Also I'd shorten some of these sentences, they're very run-on.

We're all gonna make it brah.


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This makes personality forcing unnecessarily complicated. I don't see anyone making any actual use of it. Really, it would be more effective for people to simply come up with their own way of doing it. I don't necessarily think extensive personality forcing is a good thing anyway. Simply writing down a list of traits and thinking on them a bit works perfectly. I could go through and revise the grammar of your own guide for you, but really, this does not appear to be something actually helpful. "Tips and tricks" and Resources are supposed to make tulpamancy easier and more effective, not longer and harder to understand.

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Sands and tulpa001 covered a lot of my thoughts already.


I want to understand this guide, but after reading through it a few times, I still find myself unsure about it. I feel like this is something that has worked well for you, and I get that you want to share it and help others. Honestly, though, I feel like something like this is so subjective, that you'd be better off simplifying this guide down to, "If you're a visual person, try using shapes that correspond to different personality traits, and arrange them in a way that's coherent to you." Don't get me wrong, I do think this is an interesting way to go about mapping out the general personality.


At the end, you said that maintaining this as the tulpa grows will be difficult, so is there a reason I should go through all the trouble to do this? It would be helpful for maybe the first few weeks, but then I'll just end up tossing it out, right? Also, I'm willing to correct the largest spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes in a Google Doc, as well, if you would like.

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