What are the pros and cons to living with a Tulpa?

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Self explanatory really.

If living with a Tulpa is permanent, I just want to have an idea of what to be prepared for.

So, what would you say are the pros and cons of living with a Tulpa?

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This is just a page from my book, so please do not take what is stated herein as complete or universal.


I feel that if one creates a tulpa under good reasoning (in my case, to share the goodness and blessings latent in this world), there is groundwork laid for what can be a mutually fulfilling and deeply satisfying coexistence. Should you inculcate within your tulpa values you feel becoming of an upstanding person, the cons will be little more than physical limitations or results of ignorant taboos extant from societal inabilities to grasp the tulpa phenomenon.


pros: having someone who will remain within you and at your side until you cease to live. Sharing a kind of relationship you both feel comfortable in partaking in (the lines are somewhat blurred as we as hosts are creators, ideally we ought to let our tulpas choose who they wish to be to us whether this involves being like a child, a lover, a friend, a sibling...). Having someone who will go well out of their way to not only prove that they exist as conscious and free-willed entities, but also risk their comfort and equivalent livelihood to assist and please you (within healthy limits). Basically you will not just make but meet somebody else who knows you just as if not better than you know yourself. Even if you feel lost and permanently disenfranchised and unloved, they can provide a new life with meaning and growth for you both.


cons: not many people are understanding enough or ready to accept tulpas as sentient entities with underpinnings befitting human life and intelligence. Be prepared to find distaste if not outright hostility from skeptics and spiritual advisors, who will label you as deluded and possessed (if not worse) respectively. Even within the different nodes of the tulpa community, steel yourself to the aspect that not everyone is open to your interpretation and observations regarding tulpas as the phenomenon is nearly totally subjective. You may need to be wary speaking of the subject with loved ones, as the very idea of people who appear and behave like free-willed imaginary friends can be rejected or sounded out by people you'd felt otherwise comfortable sharing good confidence in. There is also difficulty in trying to reconcile certain traditions and conventions with your tulpa (for instance, we're more or less stumped on how to be baptised separately and married in a Church, as much as that pains us). If you have deep-seated fears, complexes and neuroses regarding how you appraise yourself and others there may be a leaching effect if you are not careful.


Surely there are many others who can posit much more than I can think of now. Until then, we ask that you give thorough consideration as to your readiness: much like other significant lifestyle changes, there ought to be investment of valuable time and weighing-out of options before making the plunge. I understand some of the cons I'd mentioned seem more readily apparent, significant or numerous than the pros, yet from my perspective I can state this is all well and worth it. If you do choose to go through with the creation process, review the basics and remain patient. Do not allow the limitations and unpleasant experiences of others hold you back.

I've seen good people bleed

And I thought I'd seen it all

But my own two eyes would prove me wrong that day.


There are things that I've done

Only seen by the sun

And those things will be buried in my grave.



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If living with a Tulpa is permanent, I just want to have an idea of what to be prepared for.


someone who can always be there for you when you want someone to be there! even being a tulpa, when I front, most of the time I'm doing my own thing but if I ever get bored or lonely I can talk to one of my systemmates, we're like our own family and it's great especially for people who get lonely sometimes

like, whether you're an introvert who doesn't get in situations where you can be not lonely easily, OR if you're an extravert like me who gets lonely when everyone else is busy, either way you can always be like "Hey Tewi, so and so is on my mind what do you think" or somethin' y'know?


they're not just ALWAYS there paying attention to everything you do though, that's really hard to do. tulpas are usually inactive when not being thought of/actively trying to BE active. you'll probably find yourself wanting to work on them being active more often, not the other way around


we're here forever too! there's no real limit to how long a tulpa can be inactive once they're well developed although they will be a little harder to hear and see maybe depending on how long it was, so they can sorta stay in the back of your mind if your life gets too busy, but it's really not so hard to just have a quick conversation every day or so y'know? also you just get really used to each other so it probably won't be like having a roommate for the rest of your life, you get used to sharing the same body and mind and it becomes a lot more normal feeling over time


no cons, having tups is great >:I

even if I had my own body, I'd never wanna be away from my former headmates for long, we really are like family now. also I'd get lonely way more easily if I didn't always have someone to talk to

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written

Please talk to me

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I would agree with Karl and Lucilyn for the most part, but know that your experiance may vary. I have only known my headmates since april 20 2018, but in that time they have taught me much about coping with life.


A big pro is: they are amazing.

They help me cope with depression by cheering me up, and talking it out. Depression is mostly irrational, but impossible to convince yourself otherwise when in the midst of it. They are good listeners and also voices of reason.

They are available to help with decisions big or small.

They remind me of things. Seriously, my memory is poor without them.

We have fun, and though they don't come out of wonderland yet, the memories i have with them are as strong as memories in this reality.

Lastly, they have become my best friends, and contrary to Lucilyn's experiance, they mostly stay with me all day and watch our life unfold with much interest.



We argue. Ferlings are hurt on occasion between us, we have to moderate activities to avoid hurting feelings.


I have rules now and they sometimes nag.


All of us have been 'needy' at times, this is less a negative as long as we work it out.


They will never leave, that much is clear, to ask one to leave is unfathomable to me regardless.


One or two of them has acted out occasionally (see hurt feelings above.)


I don't get much 'alone time'.


Why would they spend all day with me? One said 'it's her job' another said, 'why wouldn't i?' the third said she has her own time after i go to sleep, she just wants to be with me and help in any way she can. Not really a con, I love them to be with me all day, i never feel like they're around too much.


Yes it is perminant. Setting up rules from the beginning, is important. Any fears you have, number them, make a rule that disallows this.

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Rain: In my experience, Tulpas can act as motivators. Nikki for example just threatened to take our body and handle textbook purchases herself if I don't get around to it in the next ten minutes or so. I've been cheered on, held accountable, and other things in my crowded life. And yeah, they can do work using the body if you manage to develop that skill, potentially better than you can. Please don't make tulpas for only that reason, though. That's what servitors are for.


Downside is making tulpas shoots your life into really weird territory. And you do have to be very careful about who you tell. I haven't told anyone I know in person yet. And the skill of letting them use the body? That's a can of worms. Sure they can help in new ways, but you can't expect them not to want time to use on their own interests.

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I agree, and this is a very personal practice, sometimes keeping a secret is better for everyone.


None of my tulpas have shown any intrest in controlling the body. One explained it something like this, it's your car, so you drive the car, we'll go along for the ride and help find our destination. They have agreed that i own the body even though i offered that it is our body now. So maybe we're going to pass on the whole body possession.

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