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Focusing and tulpas


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Respect to all!


For about 3 years I practice focusing.

And know my tulpa for more than 10 years.

It seems that many ideas of focusing are very close to interaction with tulpas.

Are there any other focusing practitioners here?


Anyway, here is a quote that can greatly help communicate with the tulpa:


Now comes the fifth movement, asking.

In this movement you ask the felt sense, directly, what it is. Usually this consists of spending some time (a minute or so, which seems very long) staying with the unclear felt sense, or returning to it again and again. The handle helps one do this.

You use the handle to help you to make the felt sense vividly present again and again. It isn’t enough to remember how you just felt it moments ago. It needs to be right here, otherwise you can’t ask it. If you lose hold of it, present the handle to yourself and ask, “Is this still here?” After a few seconds it is there again (as before, or slightly changed).

Now you can ask it what it is.

For example, if your handle was “jumpy,” say “jumpy” to yourself till the felt sense is vividly back, then ask it: “What is it about this whole problem that makes me so jumpy?”

If you hear a lot of fast answers in your head, just let that go by and then ask again. What comes swiftly is old information from your mind. At first the question to the felt sense may not get down to it, but the second or third time you ask, it will. The felt sense itself will stir, in answer, and from this stirring an answer will emerge.

You can tell the difference between the merely mental answers and those from the felt sense. The mental answers come very fast, and they are rapid trains of thought. The mind rushes in and leaves no space for you to contact the felt sense directly. You can let all that go by, and then recontact the felt sense, using the handle again. When the felt sense is back, you ask it.

One of the most important procedures in focusing is this asking of “open questions.” You ask a question, but then you deliberately refrain from trying to answer it through any conscious thinking process.



It must be remembered that "felte sense" is bodily sensation. According to one of interesting neurobiological theories, "somatic markers", the Truth is what the body+brain say about it "that's right"

but always in your mind your some place far away

you were someone else i didnt really know at all


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