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Hello there!

I've got a bunch of questions once again.

For those of you who speak/learn multiple languages, does it affect the conversations with your tulpa somehow? What language do you preferably use? Does it help you improve the skills? Do you hear them differently or does anything seem out of ordinary? Or is it more difficult for a tulpa to speak proper sentences?

It was a bit weird for us before, but now we're more or less used to it and don't find any difference (well, it's still much more  uncomfortable) between our native language and the target one.

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We are currently learning three languages. Normally we will speek to each other in our native tounge, but sometimes we will practice talking to each other in one of the other languages, I think that it definitely makes it easier to learn those languages than it would be without a headmate

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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We mostly talk in english rather than our native language, altough there are times that my tulpas will speak in the native language just get the some words across.


They prefer speaking in english rather than our native language. Surprisingly they have their own accent when they speak in native, they have a difficult time speaking the words. I do not know if they still have a hard time talking in the native tounge.

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