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Will of the Mind - arm wrestle technique question

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As of now, My tulpa and I have been trying to 'arm wrestle', as in "one tries to lower the arm and the other tries to raise the arm". The problem is, I destroy her all the time unless i'm using about 2% of my power, pretentious, i know. Does anyone know how to increase a Tulpa's control over the body, as in have the tulpa be able to more forcefully control the body?

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There could be multiple things going on that could be making this harder for you.


One, it's possible one arm is stronger than the other, or whichever arm is pushing downwards has the advantage, or both. It's possible that this "arm wrestling" isn't evenly matched.


Two, partial body possession is generally harder than full-body possession. The reason why is because the host is more likely to disrupt or take over the possessed body part than they are if the Tulpa has the entire body to themselves.


Usually with partial body possession, I use some symbolism to confirm that I'm in control of the body part and not my host. I imagine the arm filling up with a blue gas / liquid and then test moving the hand.


Practicing this "arm wrestling" more overtime may be helpful, but if she gets too frustrated than go ahead and let her take a break. I personally found partial possession to much easier after I became comfortable with full body possession.

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I managed to beat Nihi-kun in this arm wrestling thingie, it was a bit of luck, What I did was I intercept his control on his arm and replaced it with mine. We can't beat him by brute forcing it alone so, I just switch the controls hehe And somehow, Nihi-Kun likes that, he likes it when we beat him over his control.

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I think you might be looking at it the wrong way anyhow. The point is not for the tulpa to win by wresting control away from you. The point is that for you as host, your job is to be so detached from the physical control that your tulpa can just possess the body and act like themself.


I've been possessing for years & years, physically retraining the body into better shape, and i have the better reaction time for certain physical actions. I "win" your test at things like bursts of speed or yoga manoeuvres but it is still dependent on my host's willing self-displacement. There are still little moments when my host instantly swaps in because he has some hidden knowledge necessary for self-preservation. I'm as competent at physicality as can be, and that's still just my host willing to remain an observer until otherwise becomes absolutely necessary

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